Fish with Stamped Scales

I have a simple art activity for you today.  You will need some paper, unsharpened pencils with erasers, a stamp pad, and a googly eye (optional).  Draw and cut out a fish shape from your piece of paper.  I used yellow construction paper because I wanted the stamping we would be doing to show up well.  White copy paper would also work in a pinch.

I should mention that I am not great at drawing, so my fish looks more like a shark.  Who can't draw a fish?  Apparently, me.  Anyway, I glued on a googly eye, though you can just draw one on.  A word on googly eyes.  My husband had a laugh because the package of googly eyes I bought at the dollar store say "google eyes."  I knew Google was taking over the world, but now they own plastic eyes too?  They are always one step ahead of everyone.  I always thought these things were called googly eyes, but maybe I was wrong.  So which is it?  Googly eyes or google eyes?

OK, back to the activity.  I gave each girl a fish, a pencil and stamp pad and showed them how to dip the eraser in the stamp pad and stamp it on the fish to make scales.  This is why you will want to use an unsharpened pencil.  You don't want your kid getting poked with a pencil while stamping.

The girls had a lot of fun with this.  "A" liked  stamping really fast over and over on her fish, while B was slower and and more methodical.


So I only had 2 stamp pads and little C wanted to participate as well.  I made her a fish and she colored it with markers and was quite content.  I am not sure how much longer I can get away with just buying 2 of things. Hmmm...

Our finished fish.

I think the fish look more like they have the chicken pox than actual scales, but it's all good because the girls had fun.  In my head I was picturing the scales being all lined up and overlapping.  That might work with older kids.  But I need to remember that my kids are three and they don't know what chicken pox are, so these fish look totally normal to them.

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  1. Ha, I love them - perhaps it is 1 google eye but many googly eyes!!!!

  2. To add to this you could do a fishing activity. Once the kids have decorated the fish, you add a magnet to the back of the fish. Then you take a stick, tie string around it and a paper clip at the end. We used to do this craft at camp all the time and the kids loved it.

  3. looks like the girls had lots of fun!!
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  4. Cute and easy. I like it. Might have to borrow this idea. My kids love to stamp and they are always begging to use my alphabet stamps.

    Thanks for following me; happy to follow you back. And I do an Art Adventure every Tuesday, but with the boys in school now, I've been bad about getting things done all the time for that. Lots of rushing. :) So, if you ever want to guest post a kids crafty/art project let me know.

  5. This is such a neat idea!!! I never would have thought to use pencils as stamps! Thank you.

  6. You ask all the profound questions! Google eyes or googly.... hmmm....

  7. Thanks for stopping, I am following you back. What a great idea, my little guy would love this.

  8. This is so cute, Vicky! The kids look like they loved it too. Seeing your stamp pad in the picture made me laugh, and reminded me why I always bought my kids their own stamp pads! lol

  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog! Shona aka StampingStone

  10. I love this idea, cute and easy.

  11. Simple is good. Simple is fun. LOVE Your fish!!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!!


  12. So CUTE! Looks like you both had a blast!

  13. Thanks for following my site. I loved this idea. Very cute. I am now your newest follower. I'll definately be back for ideas.


  14. How cute! I miss doing things like this with my Princess! Thanks for following, and linking up at my party! I am following you now! I also have a blog hop party that starts tomorrow if you want to link up to that too!

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  15. @ Kierna, maybe! Good point!
    @ Victoria, yes I was thinking of that but wouldn't you know we are out of paper clips. Thanks!
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    @ Jen, thanks I will be in touch. :-)
    @ Kasondra, thanks, glad you liked it.
    @ Meredith, if not me who?
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    @ Adventures in dinner, LOL! It does look like a shark right?
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    @ Jamie, this was so quick and easy to set up.
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  16. Really cute! Great idea to use an eraser. We'll have to try this.
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  17. What a cute fish and it looks like the stamping scales project would keep them busy for a while. :) I might have to try it! Thanks for the idea.