Fun with Fruit

It's a raining today in my Northern California town and I have a few easy, fun food activities that are great for a rainy day.  If your kids are anything like mine, they love to help out in the kitchen.  If they are also like my kids, then they like making messes in the kitchen.  Today we will be putting the kids to work with minimal mess. And they will also be learning some math concepts along the way.

Patterned Fruit Skewers
The first idea was sent to me by my friend Raine. You will need grapes in 2 colors and a wooden skewer.

I made the pointed tip of the skewer more blunt by banging it on the table a few times.  I showed the kids how they could push the grapes on the skewer and explained to they could make a pattern buy putting one red grape, one green grape etc...  If you have older kids, you can do more complicated patterns.  Grapes can be a choking hazard for young kids so you might want to cut the grapes before this activity.  I left them whole.

Even Little C was able to join in the fun.  Before you think she is some sort of patterning prodigy, her sisters were yelling to her which color she should put on the skewer next.  

When the skewers were filled, we popped them in the freezer and had them later with our dinner.  They were a big hit and a fun way to get in some math practice.  When I come up with a yummy way to teach algebra, I'll let you know.

Cinnamon Sugar Shakers
I found this easy idea on I Should Scrap That.  She called hers Apple Shake Ups, I call mine Cinnamon Sugar Shakers.  You will call them delicious!

You will need:
1 apple
Ziploc bag

I just eyeballed the amount of sugar and cinnamon I put in, but I don't think it was more than 1 teaspoon of each.  I used an apple that I had on hand (we are big fans of Granny Smiths in this house) and cut it up into cubes.  Then I dumped the apple into the Ziploc bag and had the girls helped me pour in the cinnamon and sugar.

Then came the really fun part - the SHAKING!

Okay, the shaking was one of the fun parts.  The other fun part was the eating!

So there you have it.  Get your little ones in the kitchen and mix up some fun.  



  1. great idea! did the skewers turn in to light sabers? that's what happens over here. BTW, can i just say i'm a bit jealous when you said "northern california." we spent about 3 years in monterey, ca, and i just fell head over heals for NOCAL!

  2. This is great! My little one loves to take part in making things in the kitchen and this is something she can have a big part in making.

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  3. Love this! You are very creative. I love your blog!

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  4. I love any creative ways to sneak in a little math in my little ones' play time, and your fruit patterns is definitely a fun idea! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment - I am very glad you did and will be over here often!!

  5. So simple...but I would have never thought of it! I am your newest follower :-) I am so happy to have you as my newest follower as well!

  6. Thanks for linking back! Love the fruit skewers!

  7. What a fun idea for a rainy day!! You've made a follower out of me :)

  8. My kids would definitely eat more fruit if they could put it on a stick! Genius! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I have found that the more I let my little one help out the more likely she is to eat. Although, I thought the same would be true with planting the garden - but all those yukky veggies didn't cut it! ha! Oh well, you win some... Liz

  10. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.
    I love the skewer idea. My 5 year old will like it too.
    We are having a Down Syndrome Awareness blog hop on the 21st. Hope you can participate!

  11. @ Nellie, We love No Cal. It's a gorgeous place to live!
    @ Tutus and Tea Parties, hope you guys have fun with this.
    @ Abby, thanks! I am following you back.
    @ Joyful mama, I know what you mean!
    @ Brooke, thanks for the kind words.
    @ Corey, glad you like them!
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    @ Melanie, everything tastes better on a stick.
    @ Designing Domesticity, if you find a way to get them to eat veggies let me know.
    @ Erin, I will check it out!

  12. Great snack and activity!! We will be doing this tomorrow!! Thanks for posting!
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  13. Cute, simple, fun idea! I love it! I'm finally here to follow you back, actually subscribe for e-mails so I'll actually read your posts and not forget about them...and I'm loving the ideas you're sharing! We've made the coffee filter art before, but I love the idea of making a ball with them! My chance to be girly in a house of guys!

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  15. great idea! I love playing with food and I know kids do too!

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  18. Love the fruit ideas! Your tissue paper balls, from an earlier post, are also super cute!

  19. You have great ideas. And Mmm, cinnamon on apples? I've never tried, but it sounds delish.

  20. Yum! I am going to let my little one make the Apple shakers today! Fun!

  21. I like the idea of popping them in the freezer. I recently started freezing my son's yogurt and he likes it better. Thanks for following. Following you also.