Fall Leaves Using Black Glue


Around Halloween time, I saw the coolest project on Madtown Macs.  They used black glue to create some spooky Halloween pictures.  We never had time to make those pictures, but with Fall upon us, we made some Fall leaves using black glue. We have since use black glue for other projects such as Black Glue and Watercolor Pumpkins and Hearts with Black Glue.

If you would like to purchase the supplies we used for this project, affiliate links are provided at the end of this post.

Supplies you will need:
  • Black paint
  • White glue in a glue bottle
  • Paper (I used copy paper)
  • Watercolors and brush
  • Construction paper
To make your black glue, just squirt some black paint into your glue bottle.  I wanted to be sure to have a dark black color so I emptied out most of the white glue from the bottle until there was only 1/4 left. Then I added some squirts of black paint and shook it up.

I was left with some cool looking black glue.

Older kids would probably have a great time making their own leaf picture.  Since my kids are all ages 3 and under, I made the leaf picture.  Note that this is not much of an improvement.

I added some veins.

These took forever to dry.  I made them while the kids were napping, thinking we could use them when they woke up.  Nope.  It took a day for the black glue to dry.  So plan accordingly.

When the glue had dried, I talked to girls about Fall leaves and the different colors they can be.  Of course this went in one ear and out the other.  The kids used the watercolors to paint the leaves whatever colors they wanted.

Little C was so into painting her leaf.  Her colors actually did look like Fall!  

When "A" finished painting her leaf, she decided to paint the paper surrounding it too.  

After the paintings were dry, I cut them out and glued them to some Fall colored construction paper.   I left one on the water colored background to show you how it looks.  I really like both options.  I was so pleased with the vibrant leaves the kids created.  Even B who painted a large portion of her Fall leaf black, still managed to have a colorful leaf.

For more Fall kids activities, check out Leaf People and Fall Scene.

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  1. what a great project! I may make some red or green to do Christmas ornaments or trees. thank you for taking the time to come see Princess Fiona's new hat and coat and leaving me a sweet comment.

  2. What a great idea! I love it! I am going to try something like this for leaves or maybe, like the previous commenter said, for Christmas!

    Many blessings,

  3. Thanks for this great post, I am going to try it with my kids!

    Returning the love from Bestmomreviews.com!


  4. Cute idea, I'll be trying this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love this idea! It could be used with varying motifs all year long. Children's art just makes me happy. Can't wait for my toddler to be old enough to get started- shouldn't be too long now!

  6. Love the strong contrast between the black glue and the paint.

  7. Cute! Looks like those serious little crafters were having a good time. :-)

    If you like handmade soaps (and who doesn't?) be sure to stop in at Cranberry Morning and enter my 5-Bar Handcrafted SOAP'n'SUCH GIVEAWAY. Ends Friday night at 10 PM.

  8. This looks like a wonderful activity to use with my autistic students!!!! Simple, yet a nice product to display, and more conversation about Fall. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for mentioning and linking to my site! We always have so much fun with black glue - there's so many possibilities! Your leaves turned out great!

  10. cute idea! I was lookingfor a few more fall actvities to dowith my crew

  11. What a cute idea! I love the outline effect.

  12. I think these look absolutely beautiful! Really inspiring!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  13. This is a great project! Thanks for sharing. I'm pinning this to my Kids Art Projects board.

  14. Thanks for stopping by the Zimms Zoo. You have a great site here and if I had more time to spend with my little guys I would do a ton of these. But this black glue is something that all my guys will like and we can do together.

  15. What a striking project! I might try a variation on it with brown glue and turkeys! ;)

    Carla @ Whole Child Creative Curriculum

  16. What a unique idea! Audrey is always asking to use glue. I will have to pick up a bottle at the dollar store and see where we have the paint stashed.

  17. This is a really neat idea!! I don't have kids, but can think of a grown-up version that could be really cool too!! If I try it, I'll definitely let you know!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  18. That's a great project! I think my little one's will love it
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie this week! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  19. These are fabulous and so simple to make which is a big plus! Thanks for sharing.
    Marcia :)

  20. So cool! Thanks for introducing me to black glue!

  21. That is so cute! Never heard of black glue before, I will be using it!! xox

  22. I've never heard of black glue before but it looks like a lot of fun.

  23. How fun - I love this idea! Can't wait to try it...maybe for some Christmas decorations? Thanks for sharing!

  24. how fun is this!
    i love it.
    {love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com

  25. this is something I really want to do - use the black glue & watercolors!

    Thanks for linking your idea to the Sunday Showcase last week. Hope to see you this week!


  26. Love them! It did work out nicely even with the black paint, but one trick I use with my kids to limit the "muddy" colors while watercoloring is to use masking tape to cover the brown and black (and sometimes purple). {Repinning this post on pinterest}

  27. This is going to make a great project to send to our Compassion kids! Thank you for sharing!

  28. These are beautiful! I've pinned it: http://pinterest.com/bethanyatlhb/

  29. Thank you for these! We'll try to do this tomorrow (after the paint has dried) ;)

  30. these are sooo cool! We'll try to do these tomorrow (after the paint has dried. thanks for the tip!)

  31. this is great for children to see how to use glue the opposite of how we usually use it (white and hidden) so this will be a creative experience---thanks for all the supportive information
    I pinned and am linking to this from a recent blog post of mine (KBN network)

    1. Thanks so much for sharing and for the kind words!