I Did It All For The Cookie (Tray)


My kids love working in their play kitchen. One of their favorite toys has been a birthday gift they received this summer, Melissa and Doug's Slice and Bake Cookie Set.  Here is ours, minus a few cookies which I imagine are wedged under a seat in the car.  

The problem with the cookie set is that the kids fight over it. I didn't feel like buying another one because the kids were having a hard time sharing, but when I saw the December 2011 issue of Food Network Magazine (thanks to my mom for getting me a subscription!) I hit upon my solution.

I saw this two page ad for Crisco that had lots of pictures of yummy looking cookies.  Each cookie picture could be peeled off, revealing a recipe on the back.  When I saw these, I was inspired to make my own cookie sheet tray.

Supplies You Will Need:
  • Magazine photos of cookies (there are lots this time of year) or you can print out your own
  • Cardboard
  • Glue stick
  • Cookie Tray (I found mine at the dollar store.)
  • Velcro
  • Tape

I traced the cookies onto the cardboard and cut them out.

Then I glued the cookie pictures on the cardboard.  

After that I wanted to make sure the edges wouldn't come up.  I had originally thought the solution was clear contact paper, but that didn't work so well.  I tried scotch tape next and it was perfect.  I just taped all the edges.  Here is what the back looked like. 

Next I cut the Velcro into squares and placed six pieces onto the cookie tray. I placed another piece of Velcro on the back of the cookies.

 Now it was time to put the cookies on the tray!

 They look good enough to eat!

Here is my cookie tray and the Melissa and Dog set.  I think they complement each other well.

The kids loved playing with their new cookie set.  

Now if I could just get them to share.  *SIGH*



  1. Such a cute idea! Your cookies look so much yummier too!

  2. I don't know if it's a great idea or torture, hahaha! I want to take a bite of the cardboard. :)

  3. This is precious. What a clever idea. My sister and I had to take turns playing with things; it took us a long time to share.

  4. Very cute! My husband has several different food magazine subscriptions...I might make something like this for my boys. They like to cook in their grill!


  5. What a cute idea. I love all the Melissa & Doug stuff :). Santa will be bringing our little one a the sandwich kit and we already have the pizza one.

  6. Great thrifty and creative idea. Love it! Mod Podge might work also.. a bit more permanent if that's a consideration.
    Your little ones look like they are sharing nicely. So cute! Thanks for visiting and I'm following you! You will surely have a wonderful Christmas with the little ones waiting for Santa. Wish our grandsons lived closer...(sigh) :)

  7. Cute idea! At least you know they didn't get sucked up with the vacuum cleaner. When I first saw the photo, I thought they were cookies until I read the post.

  8. This is so cute and such a great idea. My son will love this!

  9. What a great, great idea! I've seen the Melissa & Doug set, and even though I don't have kids yet, I've wanted it! Now I can make my own :)

  10. Wow, that is a genius idea! It amazes me the things people come up with! I will definitely have to try this!! :-) BTW thanks for stopping by, I'm now following back!

  11. Great idea! I agree with the other commenter, Mod Podge would have worked well. But I'm a sucker for Mod Podge and try and use it on every project!

  12. Very clever idea! So glad you visited my Ferby's Corner blog and I got to know about you & your wonderful blog.

  13. Very cute! I was thinking of doing something similar this morning. : )

  14. what a fun idea! my son would love something like this. you could even make a double set and do a matching game. great inspiration!

  15. Ho my gosh! I Just love it! Please come and link up @ my Christmas Party. @ http://sewstylishboutique.blogspot.com/2011/12/christmas-gift-ideas-for-last-minute.html
    Thanks Rose and Heather

  16. Great idea! My daughter is getting a play kitchen for Christmas...I just might have to make this!

    I'd love for you to link up & share: http://tutusandteaparties.blogspot.com/2011/12/pinteresting-party-with-christmas.html?m=1

  17. Vicky, this is just ADORABLE and so so fun!! our girls love playing with anything that remotely looks like Kitchen food... :) This is a Fabulous idea and I would love for you to share it here http://shoprubyjean.com/2011/12/sew-crafty-tuesday-linky-2-and-highlights/

  18. What a cute idea! :) :) I am a new follower! :)

  19. What a brilliant idea! It looks great, and like a lot of fun as well. It also looks like a project that can be made quite quickly, always a plus!

  20. Brilliant idea to make your own cookies like this! Love it.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  21. What a great idea!! So creative : )

  22. this is so creative! I actually saw your link on Momnivore's Dilemna and thought they we real cookies! great idea. Luckily my kids have surpassed most of the Melissa & Doug phase so all of my lost pieces have been donated or thrown out! happy holidays

  23. @ Melissa, I know, they look good enough to eat!
    @ Anastasia, my little one keeps trying to bite it.
    @ Smallgood, but it did happen eventually right? I hope so! :-)
    @ Dana, thank you!
    @ Brittney, this would be so fun with grilled foods. Great idea!
    @ Megan, My kids love their stuff.
    @ Babs, yes, we have a grandma that lives far away and we wish she was closer. It's hard.
    @ Cranberry Morning, Ha! I wish my cookies looked that good.
    @ Jen, thanks so much!
    @ Learning Table, hope you get a chance to do it with him.
    @ Rachel, you can totally do it!

  24. @ Mommy with Selective Memory, thanks you are too kind!
    @ Erin, I thought about Mod Podge, but my kids have been putting them in their mouth and even though it is non-toxic, I didn't want to take a chance.
    @ Janie, thanks so much!
    @ Ferby, glad to meet you too.
    @ Stacy, you should do it. The kids are having fun with it.
    @ Jennifer, thank you for the visit.
    @ Andie, I love the idea of making a matching game. You all are so creative.
    @ Rose and Heather, thanks I will check it out.

  25. That's really clever. Would be great as a matching activity too. I wonder if it would work with magnets.

  26. Oh just seen someon else suggested this. Great minds....

  27. @ Tutu and Tea Parties, Your daughter will love her play kitchen. It has been a big hit here.
    @Ruby, thanks so much!
    @ Cindy, so glad you like it.
    @ Folk Haven, it was easy and the results have been well loved.
    @ Maggy, thanks, I was happy to share it with you.

  28. Such a cute idea! I'm featuring your adorable cookie tray at Project Queen's Highlights from Link Party #14 tonight.

    I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that you come back this week and link up to Link Party #15.

  29. This is very simple and clever. Thanks for sharing this. You could even to magnets ...love it.