Comb Painting - Guest Post From Tutus and Tea Parties

We have been on a painting kick here at Mess For Less. Today, I am honored to have Lauren from Tutus and Tea Parties here to share a way to paint that you probably haven't tried yet. Lauren is a crafty mom who shares all her great ideas on her blog Tutus and Tea Parties.  She does lots of fun mommy and kid crafts, so be sure to check her out and get inspired. 

I don't know if you have seen paint scrapers before. They are about $3 for a few different style scrapers. Problem is...I can't seem to find them in a store and paying the shipping doesn't make it worth it for me.

If you want to get the same look {of at least one of them} you can use some combs! I got a pack of 10 at my dollar store.

Grab some paint, paper and combs {there was a mix of smaller and larger combs so we used one of each}

Make a strip {I had to make strips all down the paper since it didn't scrape down very much} of paint. You can also have your child drip paint all over. Bug wanted me to do it.

 Start scraping!

If your child is anything like mine, they will want to use their fingers to paint too.

Thank you so much Lauren! What a great effect! You know that I am loving the fact that you got those combs at the dollar store.  I can't wait to try this with the kids. 

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  1. Hello Vicky,
    Very clever idea to use combos to create artwork. Thanks for the fun tip and introducing us to Lauren from Tutus and Tea Parties.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. It's amazing what things one can find to create an artistic effect. Cute photo of the little painter. :-)

  3. So excited to be guest posting here today. We had so much fun with this project. :)

    Thank you for having me Vicky!

  4. Such a great idea. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Fun idea! We're always looking for new ways to paint :-)

  6. Great post! I linked on Pinterest!

  7. Hi Vicky, That looks fun, my little girl will love it. BTW, thanks for visiting and becoming my follower. I'm your newest follower too. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. That is just the cutest craft I have ever seen. Thanks for stopping by and become a new friend, I did the same.

  9. @ Paula, People are so creative aren't they?
    @ Cranberry Morning, so happy to have you visit.
    @ Tutus and Tea Parties, Thank YOU for such a wonderful activity.
    @ e-expeditions, so happy you came by.
    @ Chrissy, Glad to see you here!
    @ Angie, thanks so much!
    @ Suffia, Hope your little girl has a great time painting.
    @ Debbiedoo, so happy you could come by!