Making Valentine Crayons - Guest Post from Toys in the Dryer

Jamie and Lindsi are joining us today from Toys in the Dryer. I recently discovered their blog and have not only been inspired there, but gotten a few laughs as well. And I can always a use some laughs especially when the kids are crazy. I am excited to have them posting here and I think you will love their blog, if you are not already a follower. Today they are showing us a fun treat to give to your kid's classmates that doesn't involve candy. Is it possible? Yes, read on...

Toys In The Dryer

heart shaped crayons

Some of you may remember our previous post on making your own crayons. Well now we'll take it a step further. Valentine's gifts!  It's a really easy project and your kids will be a hit this Valentine's Day with these special Valentine's.

Here is what you will need:

Crayons (oodles and oodles)

heart shaped mold


Valentine's card stock

plastic bags

Step 1: gather up all the crayons you want to use and peel (the not so fun part)

heart shaped crayons

Step 2: chop with a chef knife (or break with your hands) each crayon into 4-5 pieces

heart shaped crayons

Step 3: pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees F and fill each heart shaped mold half way with the crayons

heart shaped crayons

Step 4: bake crayons for 10 minutes and CAREFULLY remove them after the 10 minutes (if you set them aside and do not disturb them until they are hardened, the colors will not mix together and make one solid brown color, rather, they will stay multicolored)

heart shaped crayons

 Step 5: let crayons re-harden (or cheat and set them in the freezer) and then remove them from the mold

heart shaped crayons

Step 6: print off (or hand write) a special Valentine's note on pretty card stock paper. I used "You color me happy Valentine!"

heart shaped crayons

 Step 7: place crayon and note into a clear bag and tie shut.

heart shaped crayons

My son is giving these to the kids in his class this year and my twins liked it so much that I had to go to the store and purchase more crayons to make them heart Valentines for their friends too!

Thanks so much to Jamie and Lindsi! Don't you just love this simple idea? I need a prettier heart mold. I just love the one they used with the scalloped edges. Don't forget to visit Toys in the Dryer and while you are there check out some of my favorite posts:

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  1. What a great blog! I'm going to enjoy following you, especially since I have a 4 year old. Thanks for stopping by mine!

  2. Vicky! Thanks for stopping by Dwell on Joy! So glad to have you over! Love the crayons - we just used up a huge stash of old crayons for this in the fall! Melted crayons are a great {free} valentine idea, and love that it's not candy! Come share your project, and any others at my new link party:

  3. I love the crayon hearts idea.. Thanks for stopping and leaving a lovely comment Vicky.. Following you too!
    Take care

  4. LOVE this! I really like the scalloped heart mold!

  5. @ Heidi, Thanks for the kind words!
    @ Crafty Cousins,Thanks for stopping by.
    @ Sarah, thanks, I will check it out.
    @ Hani, Thanks for the follow!
    @ Cassidy, Isn't it cool?