Thrifty Thursday - Saving on Housekeeping Using Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest yet? I won't go through a lengthy explanation of what it is or how it works, since most people have at least heard of it. Basically it's like a virtual bulletin board where you can "pin" cool ideas you find around the web. These ideas can then be shared with followers and users of the site. It's a great place to go for any kind of inspiration you are looking for.  Warning: It is addictive and a bit voyeuristic and you get to know a lot more about what all your friends are into. "Wow, Jane loves Star Trek, I never knew."

Did you know that Pinterest is a great place to find money saving ideas as well as creative inspiration? I am excited to share some of my favorite Pinterest finds that are helping me save money around the house.

Homemade Cleaners
This is a great primer for learning how to make all sorts of household cleaners. I love that they are not only frugal, but a more natural alternative.

Turning Bar Soap Into Liquid Soap
I didn't even know you could do this, but you can save quite a bit by making your own liquid soap.

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent
We run our dishwasher every day and go through a crazy amount of dishwashing detergent. This is a great money saving idea for something we use daily.

Hardwood Floor Cleaners
You know how expensive these can be. Here are some simple recipes for frugal alternatives.

Okay, have I convinced you to check out Pinterest yet? Once you do, you will get sucked into its universe and wonder where the time went.  Don't forget to pin your favorite Mess For Less posts!

Let me know which of these ideas you think you might try or any tips you have for frugal housekeeping.



  1. I love Pinterest! Right now it is addicting and I just love the pins.

  2. I have started my own cleaners this year...part of my resolution ;) And I am LOVING it! I have made citrus room spray, laundry soap, and homemade glass cleaner so far. I am a new follower and would love if you stop by to see the products I have made and tried so far :)

  3. Love these ideas! I'm starting a Pinned It, Made It! Link Party tomorrow and I'd LOVE for you to link this up there! :)

  4. What fab ideas! I will definitely be using this, Pinterest is just amazing.

  5. I LOOOOVE Pinterest! And so does my computer memory now that I don't have to bookmark all of the great ideas I see ;) I LOVE the idea of the home made cleaners but have yet to try any, hopefully soon!

  6. I love pinterest, it's a great website.

  7. Cool ideas. I go through sooo much hand soap... I'll have to try this.

  8. I had no idea that you could make your own liquid soap using bar soap. Thanks for the ideas from pinterest!

  9. @ Di, I am very addicted!
    @ Erika, Love all the great frugal ideas on your site!
    @ Jennifer, thanks, I will have to check that out.
    @ Jileen, love all the inspiration out there.
    @ Christine, yes, finding the time to try all the great Pinterest ideas is a challenge.
    @ Reese, so glad you came by to visit!
    @ Lil Miss Red T-Shirt, we do too. This would save money for sure.
    @ Jill, I know, who knew? Thanks for visiting

  10. PINTEREST is AWESOME!!! Might try that Dishwasher Detergent :) Have a great weekend.


  11. Great tips! I've been wanting to try to make house cleaners for a while now. Thanks for the resource!

  12. I use vinegar and water for a lot of cleaning and I also make my own laundry detergent. I'm definitely bookmarking these ideas, thank you!!