Winter Day Activities - Guest Post from Creatively Content

Today is a first for Mess For Less. We have our first guest poster from Turkey. That's right, Turkey! Mess For Less is international! Please welcome Becky who blogs at Creatively Content. There you can find lots of her projects and ideas. She also shares ideas on her faith. Becky is a mom of three and has plenty of ways to keep your little ones busy. Just take a look...

Hi! Winter is here and Christmas has past soooo ... I am passing along a fun indoor idea to break up the mundane and create some extra squeals of delight in your home.  I hope you can find some benefit from this simple activity that we are sending to you from our little west corner of Turkey.

Winter day activity: Fleece and Felt

What you will need:
Fleece blanket, felt cut outs and masking tape

Use your fleece blanket like a life size felt board. If you have more than one child, tape off an area for each to have their own fleece board space to create on. 

We purchased a Fun with Felt book years ago that came with a bunch of cut out felt and ideas with all different kinds of creatures to make. However with three kids, I decided to cut out several more pieces of felt on my own and have added some yarn and pom-poms into the mix.  When you cut out the felt pieces make sure to add all kinds of shapes and sizes, and also include a few pieces of yarn and different sizes of pom poms. This activity keeps all three of my kids engaged (ages 8, 5, and 3).

Here are a few of our creations and some ideas for you too. :)

In my little west corner~ 'using what I have'

Becky @ Creatively Content

Thank you so much Becky! I know we be using these great ideas on rainy days. I have three kids too and I love the idea of dividing up the blanket so they each have their own play space. Please be sure to stop by Creatively Content and say hi to Becky. 

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  1. I love the felt mat. What great stories they could tell about the pictures.

  2. I love the ideas! Very creative!!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog I am so glad you did!! I REALLY need these ideas to entertain my daughters too!!!

    I will make sure I follow on my way out!

    Thank you,

    Start At Home

  4. I tagged you in my post today :)

  5. Thank you for sharing Becky's ideas! I'm going to try the button one for sure!

  6. @ Adventure Academy Mom, It would work well with various ages.
    @ Christine, thanks for stopping by Mess for Less.
    @ Brooke, I am excited to try these ideas with my little ones too.
    @ GodlyRose, thanks so much! I just send you a message.
    @ Thanks for the visit. Isn't Becky super creative?

  7. The felt on fleece is such a great . I will definitely have to try it when my kids get older.