Cardboard Tube Birdhouses - Guest Post from One Orange Giraffe

What a treat we have today! I am excited to introduce you to Vicky (yes, another Vicky!) from One Orange Giraffe. Vicky is a wife, mom and all around domestic goddess. She loves having fun with her kids and coming up with some great ideas to keep them (and you) entertained. Today she will be helping us clear out our recycling pile as she teaches us to make bird feeders out of toilet paper rolls. Take it away Vicky!

Hi everyone! It's Vicky from One Orange Giraffe. 
One Orange Giraffe

It is great to be guest posting here on 
Mess for Less!
When Vicky emailed me and asked me to do a guest post I was thrilled. 
First of all us Vickys with a Y need to stick together!
As I was thinking about it I saw the MASSIVE pile of toilet paper rolls.
Bird Feeders!!!
We started by collecting the things we would need:
Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
colored or construction paper
glue stick
peanut butter
bird seed
hot glue gun with glue
hole punch
After everything was collected I let them go to town. They were allowed to do whatever they wanted.
They added an extra toilet paper roll to the bottom, cut and curled the edges.
After adding the paper they wanted it was time for the messy stuff.
Peanut butter!!!
Even Sister...who HATES peanut butter put hers on herself.
After rolling the peanut butter end in the bird seed it was time hang them outside.
Before we started I punched holes in the top for the twine. We tied one end to a hole, took them outside and hung them over a tree, and tied the other end.

Little did I know that placement was very important.

The kids had tons of fun making their feeders. This morning all I heard was, "Mom, there is a bird on mine!"

Thanks Mess for Less for letting this Orange Giraffe come and hang out. We had a lot of fun making these feeders and hope everyone else does too!!


A big thank you to Vicky from One Orange Giraffe! I knew I was saving those TP rolls for a reason. Be sure to visit Vicky and get inspired by this creative mama! Here are some of my favorite posts from Vicky:



  1. Hello Vicky,
    Thanks for inviting Vicky over to your blog, to share this creative craft. I am heading over to check out her blog, One Orange Giraffe.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. We love recycled crafts like this! I'll have to try making some with my kiddos.