St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Jello - Food Fun Friday

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! To celebrate, I made the girls St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Jello. I originally saw a version of the idea on the Family Fun website. They used hollowed out limes as the holders but I found some cute mini buckets at the dollar store about a month ago and decided to use them. It was a lot less work too!

St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Jello - fun treat for the kids!

Supplies you will need:

I found these cute little buckets in the wedding/party favor section of the dollar store. They came 3 to a package, so it seemed perfect for my 3 kids. I bought them not knowing what I would do with them. I was originally thinking something for Easter, but they seemed perfect for St. Patrick's Day.


Prepare Jello following directions on box. I lined my pan with plastic wrap before pouring the Jello in to make it easier to remove.

When the Jello is ready, take it out and cut it into small blocks that will fit in your buckets. These will be your bars of gold. 

I lined the inside of my buckets with plastic wrap since there was nothing on the packaging about using them for eating. I felt better after cleaning them and lining them with plastic wrap. Next, I scooped some gold bars into the bucket.

I thought it would be fun to have some whipped cream on top because, lets be honest, it just makes everything better. The kids thought it looked like a cloud.

The kids were so excited to eat their "gold" and I love that I can clean the buckets out and use them again. Maybe I'll use them for Easter next time.

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  1. That is so CUTE! And your little leprechauns are enjoying it, I can tell! :-)

  2. Adorable! My grandson and I love to make jello, and I never thought of lining the pan with plastic wrap to help with cleanup. Genius! :)

  3. This is a great idea! I love special desserts for holidays :)