Handprint Flowers in a Vase - Guest Post from Two Sasters

Have you been looking for a cute Easter gift that the kids can help make? Well, look no further. Today Cari and Cortnee from Two Sasters are here to share a simple project that will be a big hit with whoever receives it. I am excited to have Cari and Cortnee here today! They share lots of fun ideas, tips and designs on their blog and they really make me wish I had a sister. Hey, maybe one day my three girls will have a blog together.  

Hi Mess for Less Readers!!  We are so happy to be here today!  A huge Thank You to Vicky for inviting us!!

For those of you that do not know us, we are two sisters, Cari and Cortnee, who blog over at Two Sasters and create handmade kids shirts and bows over at CGCDesign:)

Cari, is 14 months older and lives with her 2 year old daughter and hubby.  Cortnee and her hubby are expecting their first child in a few short months:)

Today we wanted to share with you a hand-print flower bouquet! 

My family helps out A LOT with my daughter (and Cortnee's niece)!  I am always trying to find things to send them, or better yet, make them.  I think they especially love any crafts/gifts that involve my daughter!!

We are going to give Grandma and Nana this special hand-print flower bouquet at Easter.  

Here is what we did.

Green Grass
Green Pipe Cleaners
Construction Paper
A favorite little pair of hands:)

When we use paint, I usually set it up like this.

I started out by painting my little ones hands with one color at a time.

I helped her to press them down on the paper.

We did this a few times (one for each "flower") and once the paint was dry, I cut out all of the hand prints.

Since each hand print need an exact match for the back of the flower, I traced each one on matching construction paper.

I put glue on the back of the plain print and then the green pipe cleaner on top. 

Then second hand print went on the top.  This is how it looked in the end. 

Next I filled the vase with green grass and some Easter candy - Hershey Kisses:)

Lastly, I placed each of the hand print "flowers" in the vase and topped it off with some more candy.

I know Grandma and Nana are going to LOVE this!

We'd love for you to come check out Two Sasters!!!  We love meeting new friends, so come say hi and we will be sure to return the favor:)  

Thank you Two Sasters! How cute and sweet is this gift? I love how you can find almost all the stuff at the dollar store so it's budget friendly too. Here are some of my favorite posts from Cari and Cortnee's blog:




  1. What a pretty bouquet of flowers! This is a great gift idea!

  2. What a cute idea. This would work for a Mother's Day gift, also! Gluing two handprints together is a great idea. Renee

  3. How fun! We made flowers similar to these then my kids were little and their hands were tiny. Thanks for sharing! :)