Thrifty Thursday - Decorating on a Dime - Yarn Wrapped Balls


I am not one to spend a lot on decor. Recently I took a trip to Big Lots (not an ad, but I do love that place!) and saw some twine wrapped balls. You know, the kind you can put in a bowl. That got me to thinking....

I had some yarn at home that I have been saving for something. But I didn't have any foam balls to wrap. So I decided to make my own balls. The ten year old in me is snickering at that sentence.  

Supplies you will need:
  • Old magazine
  • Tape
  • Yarn (1 or 2 skeins depending on how many balls you will be making. I got 4 balls out of 1 skein.)
  • Bowl or container

Start out with a page from an old magazine. Just tear out a page and ball it up like you are going to throw it out. Then add another page and another page so your paper ball starts to get bigger. When it reaches the desired size, wrap it in tape. Don't worry if it's not perfectly round. The yarn hides a multitude of sins. I made a few different sized balls just for variety and interest.

Next I took some yarn and just started wrapping the ball. There is no rhyme or reason to how I wrapped them. I would wrap enough to cover one section and move on to another. At the end I was left with a ball that looked like this.

When I had four balls (and ran out of yarn) I added them to this glass bowl for some instant thrifty decor. The whole thing too me less than 30 minutes. You can personalize this with your choices of yarn. I think next time I will try twine. 



  1. These are very nice, I have lots of leftover bits of wool, what a great way to use them.

  2. Great idea, I would have never thought to use another paper ball on the inside :)