Counting Bead Fun


I love the twins' preschool teachers. They are always so creative and come up with many fun learning activities for the kids. I am often inspired by things they have done in the classroom and try and come up with a way to extend them at home. "A" recently came home with a paper numbered from 1-5 with pipe cleaners and beads taped to it. I loved this idea for counting and it reminded me of the You Can Count on Me math activity we had done in the past. 

Only A's small group did the activity, so B did not have a chance to try it. It looked very simple to make, so I made one and extended the numbers to 10 for a more of a challenge.

Supplies you will need:
  • Paper (I used two sheets of copy paper taped together)
  • Tape
  • Pipe cleaners cut in half
  • Beads

Once you have taped the two pieces of paper together, write the numbers 1-10 on top. Next, tape the  halved pipe cleaners under each number. Be sure you just tape the top of the pipe cleaner to the paper so your child can still lift it up to insert the beads. Fill up a small cup with the some beads and instruct the kids to place the appropriate number of beads on each pipe cleaner. 

Besides helping with counting, this activity also strengthens fine motor skills as little ones work hard to grasp the beads and string them on the pipe cleaner.

Little C didn't quite get the concept behind the activity, but she did enjoy putting beads on the pipe cleaner. This kept her quite busy, as you can see by the concentrated look on her face.

When A was done stringing her beads, she was careful to count each bead and check her work.She was so pleased that she got them all correct!

B displays her completed activity!



  1. I loved stuff like that for the kids when I was homeschooling. K-2 was spent mostly in reading games and math games. Things like this bead stringing build important foundational skills. And don't they love it!!

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  2. What a cute idea! By the way, I've tagged you in a post on my blog!

  3. This reminds me of very expensive counting tools Montessori classrooms use—yours would cost SO much less with these readily available materials. And, it's so satisfying to make learning tools yourself. Wonderful!

  4. Great fine motor and math activity. I am pinning this to my Math Play board on Pinterest.

  5. Hi Vicky! Happy to meet you and to follow your blog.. What a creative and useful blog! LOVE it! :) Hope you can come visit me and join too... looking forward to your posts!
    Take care
    S.O.S. Mom

  6. Thanks for the kind comments ladies. Your sweet words keep me going.

  7. I really love this idea! My 5 year old would really take to this.