Food Fun Friday - Yummy Breakfast Dish


I had a MOPS meeting today and I signed up to bring a hot dish. I had no idea what to make so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I typed in "MOPS" and saw lots of ideas for great breakfast dishes. I stumbled upon one that looked simple and I had already had the ingredients on hand. I think we have a winner!

I found the recipe for Mimi's Christmas Breakfast on Confessions of a Former Couch Potato. I am so happy to have discovered this blog. She has so many yummy recipes and great ideas. Please stop by and see for yourself.

Here is my version of of Mimi's Christmas Breakfast.

Ingredients you will need:

  • 7 slices of wheat bread with the crusts cut off (you can use white as well)
  • 10 oz of a mix of shredded monterey jack and cheddar cheese (Costco sells this in a big bag)
  • 8 eggs, beaten
  • 2 1/2 cups of 2 % milk
  • 4 oz of crumbled bacon


1. Spray the bottom of a 9-13 glass dish with cooking spray.

2. Line the dish with the bread with the cut off crusts. 6 pieces just fit and then I cut up the 7th piece to fill in the gaps.

3. Spread the cheese evenly over the bread.

4. Mix the milk with the beaten eggs and pour slowly over all of the bread and cheese.

Hubby helped with this step.

5. Sprinkle crumbled bacon over the top.

6. Refrigerate overnight, then in the morning bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes until cooked through and the top has risen. My only took 45 minutes, but oven cook times vary.

I pulled this out of the oven, popped a lid on it, put it in my Anchor carrier and left. This was at 8:30 AM. It was served an hour later at the MOPS meeting, still warm and yummy. 

What did people think of it? You tell me. This is what I brought home. I am kinda sad because it was SO GOOD that I wanted to have more. Guess I will just have to make it again. 

This would be great to bring to a potluck, a meeting, or just for a special breakfast at home. I just love that you can make it the night before and just pop it in the oven. Thanks to Liz at Confessions of a Former Couch Potato for the inspiration!



  1. Yummy! How delicious does this look? I was debating about whether or not I should make this for Easter...I didn't and I kinda wish I would have. Maybe I will have to use your recipe and make this casserole soon:)

  2. Looks great! And that is a breakfast that any crowd should love. Nice job.

  3. I am so glad the breakfast recipe was a success for you! It's a special recipe for our family and I actually just made it last weekend myself!

  4. Looks yum!!!!! Definitely gonna try it out!!

  5. YYYYEEEESSS!!! I would try it out!! Looks so delicious. This makes me hungry!!