Play Dough and Beads - Fine Motor Fun


We love play dough at our house, but we sometimes get bored with using it the same way. I like to add different items to our play dough time to keep interest up. Today, we added some beads which made the play dough look so pretty and also provided some great fine motor work for my kids. 

Supplies you will need:

  • Play dough
  • Beads
  • Cookie Cutters
Before we started I used some cookie cutters to cut various shapes out of the play dough.

I gave the kids some shapes and a cup of beads and explained how they could decorate their shapes by pushing in the beads. As you can see, they really worked those little fingers pushing the beads in the dough.

Picking the beads out of the cup provided good fine motor practice as well. Often, the kids were looking for a specific color bead and had to dig through the cup and then pick up the small bead.

Little C was excited to make a face on her play dough person using the beads.

 "A" filled her entire duck with beads. That's one colorful duck!

Little C decided that she should fill up her shapes with beads too. She then kept herself busy picking each bead out of her play dough.

This is A's collection of beaded shapes. She was so proud!

Proud mommy moment! "A" saw me photographing her work and got her kid's camera (which actually works) and took a picture too. She's a blogger-in-training!

I have to say this kept the girls busy for a good 40 minutes which in mommy-time is an eternity! Please remind your kids not to put the beads in their mouth, nose or ears. None of your kids would ever do such a thing, right?



  1. That is so cute, and it gave me a chuckle when I read about the 40 minutes. That is so true, isn't it! :-)

  2. What a great activity!! I LOVE the last picture of your little blogger in training...too funny!!

  3. Fabulous idea! A great way to keep the PlayDoh activity interesting. Those would make great paper weights when they dry! Renee

  4. What a wonderful activity for both creativity and fine-motor skills! I featured your post and photo in my Montessori-Inspired Spring Playdough Activities at