Food Fun Friday: Frozen Banana Marshmallow Pops


I cannot even tell you how good these are. I promise you will love them. While they are yummy, they are in no way good for you, despite my kidding myself into thinking that since there's banana in them, they must be okay. So don't be making these everyday - you will SO want to though!

You will need:
  • bananas cut into chunks
  • milk chocolate chips
  • Popsicle sticks
  • marshmallows
  • sprinkles

The amount of the ingredients you will need depends on how many pops you will making. I used two banana chunks and two marshmallows for each pop. A word on my marshmallows. You may have noticed that I did not used normal marshmallows. We had some bunny marshmallows leftover from Easter and I wanted to use them here. I figured once the pops were covered in chocolate, no one would notice. If you are using standard sized marshmallows, I would cut them in half before slipping them on the Popsicle stick. This will leave room for everything and some space for holding the stick.

Cut your banana into chunks and slip a banana and marshmallow on the stick until it looks something like this. 

Melt your milk chocolate chips in a cup and dip your pops in the chocolate. I found I was able to achieve much better coverage by holding the pop in the cup and spooning the chocolate on with a spoon. Shake off the excess chocolate into the cup and dip the pop into a container of sprinkles.

A word on my sprinkles. The only sprinkles I had around were leftover from Christmas, hence the Christmas-y look of these pops. You could really personalize them for various holidays and events by changing up the sprinkle colors.

Place the pops on a tray or on some foil and put them in the freezer for 20 minutes.

These make a great summer treat.

The frozen marshmallows and bananas combined with the cold chocolate make this treat just amazing. Trust me.

My kids ate them all up!

Be forewarned though, they will make a mess! Make sure to have plenty of baby wipes around.



  1. WoW Vicky those look great! I especially like how you pulled items you already had! Very resourceful! Can't wait to pin these yummy pops!

  2. This looks real good and very creative!

    I would love for you to link up at the party I am having now!


  3. Those look delicious! What a fun activity to do with kids. Yours is adorable! Renee