Frozen Sour Grapes


How many of you have had frozen grapes? They are a yummy snack especially on a hot day. But lets step up those frozen grapes a little shall we? I was inspired by an idea I saw on Pure Sugar where Carol made what she dubbed "Sour Patch Grapes." I love that she only used two ingredients that I actually happened to have. Score! I changed a few things up, but the general goodness remains.
You will need:
  • Green seedless grapes
  • Lime jello
  • Skewers

I have tried this with both sugar free and regular jello and it tastes the same either way. I think in the future I will only use sugar free jello since who needs the extra sugar? On the Pure Sugar blog they used Melon Fusion Jello but already had lime on hand so I went with that. It adds the perfect tart taste to the grapes.

First wash your grapes thoroughly. You will want to be sure they are plenty wet for the next step so that the jello is able to stick to them.

Place the grapes on a skewer. This is something kids can help with as well. When I do have the kids help, I make sure to cut the sharp tip off so they don't get poked. Pour the packet of jello into a shallow plate.

Turn the skewer in the jello powder to get it fully covered. If this doesn't fully cover the grapes use a spoon to scoop on the powder.

You can also make these sour grapes without the skewer. Simply drop some grapes onto the plate and roll them around until they are completely coated. Pop them in the freezer for a few hours and they are ready to enjoy. I have left these in the freezer overnight as well and they are just as good.

The kids loved these! Please make sure you cut the grapes in half for little ones as grapes can be a
choking hazard.

These sour grapes could not be simpler to make. The sour jello coating really does make you feel like you are eating candy.



  1. oh that's a fun idea rolling them in jello! we used to have frozen grapes allll the time as kids for summer snacks

  2. Looks delicious! Pinning these to make next week.

  3. I have a party tomorrow and will try to make some for that! What a fun idea!

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  5. Cool idea and super easy to do. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am so excited, Vicky! As you know, my son has Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and he refuses to eat new foods for fear of their consistency (textures are hard for him to process). I made these today, and he LOVES them! Thank you so much for sharing this; now I can add something healthy into his diet :-)

  7. Thanks everyone! They have become a staple in our house.