Moving With Young Children


You may recall a post I did called "Selling Your House When You Have Kids." In it, I talked about ways you could keep you house ready for showings and keep your kids occupied. We were very blessed to sell our home in two weeks. Finding a home was a bit trickier and we were unable to find a place to move to before we had to be out of this home. We did finally find a home we just loved, but it will not close until mid-June. So tomorrow, we move out of our home and into a small apartment for 17 days. You can bet I am counting the days until we close!
If you have moved before, you know how frantic those last few days before a move can be. If you have moved with young children then you are my hero! I have been working on ways to keep the kids busy and happy while everything they know is being packed up around them. I am blessed with pretty resilient kids and also kids who don't notice a ton. We have sold off sofas and other furniture we are not taking to the new place and they haven't even noticed them missing. This is a good thing because it keeps them from feeling anxious. I think it also helps that they were very involved in the house hunting process and are super excited to move to their new house - eventually.
The more involved kids are in every step of the moving process, the easier it will be for them to adjust. We have been talking about how we will be moving to an apartment for a bit (hubby calls it the "two week house,") and the kids have been helping me figure out what toys we should bring there. 

Another way I have gotten them involved, is by having them help me pack. Lets face it, not everything is fragile or in need of heavy wrapping especially if you are just moving across town like we are. When I come across items that are not fragile I love to let the kids help me pack. This is so fun for them and I get free moving help!
I don't want to bring a bunch of the kids' things to the apartment since we will only be there for a short period of time. The plan is to spend as much time outdoors as possible. We are lucky that the great spring weather is here, so parks are a fabulous, free option. We are also doing lots of play dates with kind friends who sympathize with our predicament. 
It doesn't matter if you are moving into your dream home or staying in temporary housing like we are, you are going to need a few things on hand that you can unpack first or take with you until you get settled. Try to focus on items that are small and easy to pack or can be used in a variety of ways. I will be taking a craft box with glue, paints, beads, pipe cleaners and buttons. Add some paper, crayons and stickers and you've got the possibility for hours of fun. Play dough is another great item to take along since there is so much you can do with it.
As far as the actual move goes, even though my kids are young (2 and 3), I know they will probably be sad about leaving the only home they can remember. We will be taking some time to say goodbye to the house and recalling special memories. But we are also spending time talking about all the fun things they will do in their new house. We have discussed what color they want their rooms to be and what kind of swing set to get for the backyard. 
Finally, this is a perfect time for the kids (and me) to remember that our family and our traditions remain no matter where we are. What makes a home is not the building but the people. Moving is always an adventure and I am so happy that I have my amazing husband and three kids along for the ride. Here's to making new memories and more messes (for less) in our new place!


  1. Vicky - your message is beautiful and important - people make a home!! Good luck with the move and thanks for sharing the pictures of your adorable little girls. Renee

  2. Thanks Renee! We are surviving. It has been difficult but it will pass quickly I am sure!