Rainbow Fruit Loop Towers - Rainbow Activity

Faithful readers of Mess For Less might remember the Fruit Loop Towers we did last August. Well this starts with the same basic concept but takes it a few steps further. Since we have been enjoying rainbow activities lately, I added a rainbow component to these fruit loop towers. In addition to helping develop fine motor skills, this kids activity teaches color discrimination, sorting and introduces the concepts of more and less.

Rainbow Fruit Loop Towers - I love how this combines fine motor skills with fun rainbow activities.

You will need:
  • Play dough
  • Fruit loops (I get mine at Costco since we go through a lot in this house)
  • Linguine
Supplies for rainbow activities

Start by dividing your play dough into 6 balls. Break 3 pieces of linguine in half and stick one into each ball. Next put one of each color of fruit loops onto the linguine. This lets the kids know which color to place on each piece of pasta.

fine motor skills

I gave the kids a quick tutorial on what they could do and they were off and running. They understood the activity right away and started piling on the fruit loops.

rainbow activities for kids

Well, one of them stopped to sample the fruit loops too!

fruit loop tower activity

As she was stacking the cereal, B noticed that yellow was the highest.

Rainbow activities

When A was done we talked about which had the most and which had the least. This was a fun way to explore those mathematical concepts.

fine motor fun for kids

A's finished rainbow of flavor. You know what came next, right? Yup, the kids ate them all up. Talk about an easy clean up!

rainbow activities for preschoolers

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  1. What a creative and fun idea.

    Mrs. Delightful

  2. Great idea! Lots of fun and learning, too! I've used pipe cleaners and pony beads for something similar before, but I like the idea of linguini and fruit loops even more! Renee

  3. Terrific idea! Thanks for sharing on the Kids Co-Op, which I host on my site along with other bloggers. I'm pinning this one :-)

    Jennifer @ Generation iKid