Food Fun Friday: Fruity Popsicles


It was pretty hot here in Northern California this past week and I was looking for ways to cool off. I was also unpacking as we just moved into our new home. I happened to unpack a Popsicle mold that I had bought a while ago but never used. I decided to try to make healthier Popsicle than you find at the grocery store. 
You will need:
  • Popsicle mold
  • Fruit juice
  • Cut fruit
Making fruity popsicles

You can use whatever fruit juice you have on hand and any fruit that strikes your fancy. We used fruit punch and strawberries. I always water down my fruit juice so I used one juice box and split it among 4 Popsicles. The juice box filled each mold about halfway and I added water until each were filled almost to the top. You will want to be sure to leave some room since the juice level will rise when you add the fruit.

Next, I cup up some strawberries into small bite sized pieces.

Drop some strawberries into each mold. You will notice that they float near the top.

popsicles with fruit

I used a fork to push the berries down into the mold so they were more evenly dispersed throughout the Popsicle.

Pop the holders on and place in freezer until done. In my freezer this took 5 hours but your results will vary.

Not only did the kids love them, but I felt better giving them a healthier version of a Popsicle. 

Stay cool! 



  1. Hello Vicky,
    I love making homemade popsicle. Adding water to the fruit juice is a great idea. Happy unpacking.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Oh, see, I can totally do this. Totally. Love it. Thanks for the fun idea.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. Yum! My kids would love those! And Mommy too! :)