Fun with Magnet Letters and a Cookie Tray

Some people ask me where I get my ideas. I get inspired in a variety of places but the very best inspiration comes from my three daughters. The other day I noticed them huddled around a cookie tray and some magnetic letters. 
Magnet letters and a cookie tray
I am very excited to share my kids' idea with you all today. Who knows, maybe this is the start of the future blog of the Mess For Less kids.

You will need:
  • Magnetic letters
  • Cookie sheet
Observant readers of Mess For Less might remember our cookie sheet from I Did It All For The Cookie Tray. I bought it at the dollar store and the kids have had so much fun serving "cookies" on it. Little did I know that they would re-purpose the tray into a magnet board. Okay, I must admit it was A who led the charge and discovered that the magnet letters would stick to the tray. At first she was sitting with the tray and put one letter on it and asked her sisters "what is the letter of the day?" A thinks she is a preschool teacher already.

Eventually she came up with the idea of putting six random letters on the tray and taking one away and seeing if her sisters could figure out which one was missing. That was a great idea, but was not a big   hit with her two and three year old sisters. It was too hard for them to remember all the random letters. 

I loved A's idea for the missing letter game but thought that it might be easier for little ones if we used consecutive letters. So we found the letters A-F and placed them on our tray.

Next, two kids turned their backs and one child removed a letter. 

Then we had the children turn back around and try and guess which letter was missing. To make the guessing a little easier, I hid the missing letter among a few other random letters. When someone found the missing letter, they got to place it on the tray in the correct spot, and they got to be the next person to remove a letter.

Magnet letter game

The letters being in alphabetical order made it simple for even my youngest to recite the alphabet and figure out which letter was missing.

Soon the kids decided they could place ALL the magnet letters on the tray in alphabetical order. This led to a fun game where they hunted for the missing letters around the house and then ran back to place them on their tray. 

All done!

So what do you think of their idea? I love the simplicity of it and how you can do so many things with letters and a cookie tray. However, if this keeps up I may have to put these kids on the payroll.



  1. HAHA! Adorable and I LOVE it!! The best part is that they came up with it themselves!!

  2. Love this! We used magnet letters and cookie trays to create a pretend computer for our library at home "outing."

  3. What great ideas from children. It shows little minds are always at work.