Painted Keyboard - Guest Post from Doodlecraft


Hello Mess For Less readers! Today we have something i know you will love. Natalie from Doodlecraft is here and she will be sharing an awesome painted keyboard she made for her kiddies. You can find more kids crafts and projects on her blog along with recipes, sewing and general DIY goodness. Please visit and say hi!

Hi, I'm Natalie Shaw from Doodlecraft!
I am thrilled to be guest posting at Mess for Less!
As a mother of 3, I am constantly looking for fun activities, ways to teach
and things to make...all within my budget!
Here's a relatively simple project for hours of entertainment!

But here is where the inspiration came from:

When I was little, I loved to pretend to type...and keyboards
weren't around like they are today, so I would draw out 
squares onto a piece of cardboard and pretend I was typing.

I figured my kids would love the same thing.
But I awesome-ized it.

About 8 years ago...
I took a broken "got water dumped on it"
 keyboard and cut the cord off of it!

I used acrylic craft paint and painted that whole thing!
You could spray paint it...

 The base I did black, the keys multicolored...
Then I spent hours handpainting little things on each key!

You could paint or use small stickers!  You could write all the
letters and numbers on it to teach visual recognition.
You can use a sharpie marker and just draw right on the buttons (like my computer keyboard)

 I wanted to simulate the inside of a rocket, spaceship, or 
other machine that would require lots of blinking buttons! 
 Perfect for my little almost 2 year old boy!
I made gun buttons, graphs, people, food, animals, brakes, 
fuel and of course, The BIG RED BUTTON!
Silly things like fish, signs, animals, patterns, money, arrows...


 At the time I made this my first child was not 2...
so he didn't help much in the making department,
but he was instrumental in the testing!

It looked great the day I made it...and even
 though it is worn, it is still a favorite!
Could use some sprucing up...maybe.

Here is child #3 with it...8 years later!
(oh ya, child #2, my daughter, loved/loves it too!)
And it's a great fake when he doesn't get to play on the computer!


Oh my gosh, how talented is Natalie? I have saved an old keyboard and was just going to give it to the kids but now I see that would be a bit boring. Thank you so much Natalie for the inspiration! Here are some of my favorite posts from Doodlecraft:



  1. Love this idea! Just posted on Craft Gossip:)

  2. Whoa! This is pretty much the coolest upcycle ever! My kiddos would love it!

  3. This is a great idea. I pulled one out of my Goodwill box so my son could paint it. Thanks!