Candy Color Sort


colored candy sorted
We are planning a backyard bash for the twins' 4th birthday. I have decided to do a rainbow theme since both girls love rainbows. If you've planned a party before, you know what an undertaking it can be. Lucky for me I have some party helpers in the house. You see, when you are turning four, you want to help with EVERYTHING. My two year old doesn't quite want to help with everything yet, but she does want to do whatever her sisters do, so I put her to work too.

I plan to have a table with candy and other fun treats at the party and I really wanted to do some jars of rainbow candy. I found some candy coated chocolate balls at the party store. They were all mixed in a bag and I really wanted to layer them in a jar. So all the candy needed to be sorted into four colors. Sounds like a good learning opportunity to me!

You will need:
  • Candy coated chocolate balls (M&M's work well too)
  • Clear glass or plastic jar
  • Bowls and cups for sorting

We started out by washing our hands very well. Since I was going to be serving these to party guests, I wanted to make sure everyone's hands were super clean.

The candy came in four colors - red, yellow, blue and green. I gave each child four plastic cups and   a bowl filled with candy. I started them off by placing one of each color in each of the cups. They took it from there.

kids sorting colored candy

I was worried there would be a big spill and I would have a floor filled with hundreds of candy balls but I think only three actually fell. The girls worked diligently. A and B, the twins, kept asking for more balls when they would run out. Little C got bored after she finished sorting her first set. 

Candy Sorting, fun kids activity

The kids were able to go through three bags of candy. When the candy was done being sorted I place it in a glass jar to see how it would look for the party. Not too bad! 

Oh and I should mention I am not the meanest mom in the world. I gave each child some of the candies as a "thank you" for a job well done.

One chore checked off my list. I will keep you posted on our preparation and on the final results of our party planning!


  1. Hello Vicky,
    I love planning and preparing for birthday parties. Your layered rainbow candies look so pretty in the jar.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. A great sorting and color matching game! Terrific idea and it looks like the girls had fun. Renee

  3. I just threw a rainbow party for my daughter and I made colored kool aid ice for the kids and they loved it - just an idea.