Food Fun Friday: Sundae Toppings for Kids

Sundae Toppings

My kids love going out to get frozen yogurt. Their favorite thing is to pick toppings for their frozen yogurt from the sundae toppings area. If you've ever been to a frozen yogurt shop, then you know that this can get pricey fast. I decided we could do something similar at home with sundae toppings we already had around. Actually, I did need to buy some ice cream (on sale of course!) but we had everything else.

You will need:
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Things for toppings
For the topping station I just used a small muffin tin. It was a great way to separate the toppings and make them easily visible for the kids. Get creative here! There are a number of things you can use for toppings. We used two kinds of sprinkles, gummy bears, crushed cinnamon toast crunch cereal, chocolate chips and walnuts. Look around and see what you have. Fruit would make a great topping and a healthier alternative. You can try different things each time to keep the experience fresh.

Give the kids some bowls with ice cream (I used plain vanilla because we had so many topping choices) and let them create their sundae. My daughter B decided to start with chocolate syrup.

ice sundae

Next it was time to add the toppings. I provided some spoons and explained how they could take one spoonful of each topping that they wanted. So many choices!

Ice Cream Sundae, #ice-cream

Little C decided she only wanted sprinkles. She was so careful to get them all in the bowl.

cream topping

Digging in!

ice cream for dessert

Ummm...Is there even any ice cream in that bowl?

Sundae toppings

The kids had just as much fun as they would have visiting a yogurt shop but we saved a bunch of money. You know I'm loving that!

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Ice Cream Math Games, #math, #preschool

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  1. Such a clever idea to have the sundae bar at home. I like that idea a lot better than overpaying at the yogurt shop. The kids seem to be loving it!

  2. So fun! It is a great idea to do this at home. Those shops can be pricey for what you get.

  3. My sister-in-law does this (or cupcakes or cookies)with the same decorate/make your own concept at birthday parties! The kids go crazy for this!