Silly Sock Matching Game

Silly Sock Matching Game, #kids

This matching game was inspired by the show Play With Me Sesame. If you have never seen it, it's where the Sesame Street characters play games and "interact" with kids. On a recent episode, they played a game where they had to match socks on a computer screen. This gave me the idea of creating a hands-on sock matching game. This was very easy to create with some basic supplies.

You will need:

  • Patterned paper
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Large piece of construction paper

I used large 12 X 12 scrapbook paper and this seemed like a good use for it since I can't remember the last time I scrapbooked. I stacked a few sheets together and folded them in half. Then, I drew socks on them with a black marker and cut them out. When you are done with this step you should have two of each kind of sock.

After I cut out the socks, I glued one of each pattern on a large piece of construction paper. I made sure to leave space for the kids to glue the matching sock.

I gave each child a pile of paper socks. To make things interesting I cut out some socks from patterns I didn't glue on the construction paper. This made the activity trickier for the kids since some socks had no mate. Poor single socks!

The kids had fun matching the socks. I gave them each some glue sticks and asked them to glue the matching sock next to it's partner.

Don't you wish it was this easy to get all your real socks matched up? Am I the only one with a bag of solo socks forever looking for mates? What happens to them all?

Little C is very proud of her socks! All the kids did great with this activity. If you want to reuse the socks you can skip the part where you glue them on the paper and just have the kids match them up at a table or on the floor.

Sock Matching, #game



  1. What a great idea!!!! So cute and so fun!! Thanks so much for sharing this:)

  2. Addorable! And you can even introduce the idea of "right" and "left" since you cut out socks for each foot! Love it! Renee

  3. Cari and Cortnee,so happy you stopped by!

    Renee, That was a happy accident! :-)