DIY Rainbow Party Ideas

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So, you are thinking about throwing a rainbow birthday party for your child. Don't do it! OK, I am kidding. It can be a lot of work to put together but you don't have to use all the rainbow party ideas presented here. You can just pick one or two that seem more doable. Or you could do everything. Whether you stay simple or go elaborate, one thing is for sure: the bright colors will automatically bring a smile to your child's face. And that's really what it's all about isn't it?

Here are some of the different things we did for our rainbow party.  If there is a link then it means I also have a blog post that explains the how-to aspect.
Tissue Paper Pom Poms
party decor, tissue paper balls

Streamer Curtain

I attached streamers of various colors to some packing tape and hung it up using thumbtacks.

rainbow party, rainbow streamers, birthday party

We had a sweets table at our party and I made sure to have plenty of candy on hand. I tried to buy candy that was colorful and then sort it by color to make more of an impact. I found some glass jars (the type pretzel sticks might come in) a few months ago at a yard sale and used those to display the goodies. For the day of the party I added some scoops I found in the kitchen section at Target.
Click here for free rainbow party printables like the ones we used.
rainbow party, rainbow candy, candy table
Candy Balls
chocolate balls, rainbow candy

Sprinkle Marshmallows

These were super easy to make and a big favorite with the kids. Get some lollipop sticks and place a marshmallow on top. Dip the top part of the marshmallow in water and roll in sprinkles. Display in some stryofoam. That's it, you're done!

Marshmallow pops, marshmallows with sprinkles

Rainbow Swirl Lollipops:

I got these at Oriental Trading and tried to dress them up by placing them in styrofoam and covering the stryrofoam with some rainbow party streamers.

rainbow lollipops, party favors

Rainbow Jello
Rainbow jello, rainbow party,
Rainbow Oreos
rainbow oreo cookies, chocolate covered oreos

rainbow cupcakes, rainbow party, birthday cupcakes
Rainbow Cake
rainbow cake, rainbow party, birthday cake
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rainbow birthday party, inside of rainbow cake

Goodie Bags

I ordered some rainbow colored plastic bags from Oriental Trading and they worked out perfectly especially after we added our stickers. To print out these stickers for yourself click here
goodie bags for rainbow party

For the inside I ordered some rainbow Twizzlers online and got some rainbow pads and crayons from Oriental Trading.

party favors for rainbow party

I hope this helps you in your rainbow party planning! Let me know if you use any of these ideas. I am sure your party will turn out great.

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  1. What a lovely party. I love how you covered the oreos.

  2. Holy cow, don't you sleep? Or have 3 small children? I can't imagine putting half of this together, you totally rock. I can't decide which is my favorite between the oreos, cupcakes, or the wow cake. Are you available for hire? ;-)

  3. i might use all of it,vicky..they are all so adorable and doable(only because of your great explanations and steps)...but the party might be there after a couple of years bookmarking it.

  4. This rainbow party is intense! I wish I had one of these when I was a kid. I love the rainbow cake; it's gorgeous!

  5. Paps, the Oreos were super easy.

    Tiffani, Ha! If you will cover my airfare and Disney ticket, I am available.

    Crafty Mischief, Thanks it was fun but the planning was not.

    Rose, thanks for the kind words. Hope you found some inspiration.

    Kyleen, It's not to late to have a rainbow party. Maybe for your 18th?

  6. So fun! I especially like the marshmallows on a stick, they look so simple!
    I would have LOVED a rainbow birthday party when I was little. Reminds me of my Rainbow Bright doll. :)

  7. Wow that looks absolutely amazing! Those jellos are so adorable! I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time. Megan

  8. Oh how fun! It all looks amazing! Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

  9. Thank you! Your ideas made my 7 year olds birthday beautiful. My kids also made chain links from construction paper in rainbow order, which brought extra color.....

    1. Krista, Thanks for letting me know that. So happy to hear that you were able to use the ideas!