Food fun Friday: Helping Picky Eaters - Review and Giveaway of Copy-Kids DVD

If you have been reading Mess For Less for any period of time, then you know that my three kids are notoriously picky eaters. Not just your run of the mill picky either. They will even turn up their noses at  foods most kids like. In the past, I have made them their own meal while my husband and I ate our dinner. My kids are on the thin side and I was worried that they would lose more weight if presented with food they did not like. 
However, it gets tiring making two meals and I just felt it would be better if we all ate the same thing. My twins are now four and it seemed like a good age to start our new way of eating. I am sad to say that the first day did not go well. My kids ate only pineapple and refused to eat the fish or pasta I had prepared. Okay. My mommy instincts were kicking into overdrive and I was very close to grabbing some food I knew they would eat and feeding them. But I did not do it and they went to bed having eaten very little. They did not wake up in the middle of the night complaining of hunger which made me feel a little better.
The second night was more successful but I think that had more to do with the fact that the kids liked the chicken sausage and rice better than the fish and pasta. Last night they had hamburgers and corn for dinner. My youngest rocked it and ate a lot of the new offerings. My twins refused to even take a bite. I am hoping that my kids will becoming more open to new foods during this endeavor. I don't expect them to like everything, but I do hope they will at least try things. I recently received a DVD that I think will aid in this process. Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables is a DVD for children 6 months to 5 years old that encourages healthy eating habits in children.
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The premise of the DVD is simple: kids typically will eat more and try different foods if there are other children around eating that food. We have always noticed that at parties and at school our kids will eat foods that they will not touch at home. My husband chalked it up to peer pressure. Turns out, there might be something to that. 
Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables is divided into twelve chapters each dedicated to a different fruit or vegetable. Viewers get to watch young children eats fruits and vegetables and hopefully want to try some themselves. Sounds like a great idea right? But how did it work?
Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables seemed like the perfect excuse to have a viewing party with my kids. To start with, I gathered as many fruits and vegetables that we had that were also featured on the video. I washed and cut some bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, oranges, avocado and apples and presented them to my kids on a plate.
I explained that we would be watching a video where kids enjoy these foods. I encouraged the girls to try and find the food when it appeared on the screen and take a bite if they felt like it. The DVD allows you to pick which chapters you will watch, so I decided to alternate between fruits and vegetables. My daughters are much more open to trying fruit so I thought that might be easier.
The kids definitely found the DVD engaging. They were very interested in what the kids were doing. 
child eating pepper
They got very excited whenever a child would come on the screen who was the same age as they were. There is one girl in the DVD who was eating two peppers at once who was a particular favorite. My girls could not stop giggling at her.
Check out my kid who would never touch a pepper!
Two of my daughters were really open to the concept of trying the various fruits and vegetables. Here is my youngest chomping down on her first bell pepper.

And here she enjoys an apple. I have given her apples in the past but she usually rejects them. When watching Copy-Kids, she kept asking for more!

My third daughter is my toughest when it comes to eating. She just tried the fruit and wouldn't even pick up a vegetable. I am hoping that repeated viewings will soften her up towards vegetables. She did love the strawberries though!

After viewing Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables, I am hopeful that my children will be more open to trying new things. The video presents the food in such a fun and engaging manner that I wanted to try some new things too!
I almost forgot to mention that the DVD has a few extras. For parents, there is an interview with pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon about ideal nutrition for kids, plus you get to see all the outtakes from the making of the video. Check out all all the awards Copy-Kids has won here. They must be doing something right! Get a sneak peek of the video here.
Do you have picky eaters as well? You can purchase Copy-Kids here for $19.95. Our friends at Copy-Kids also want to giveaway a copy of the DVD to a lucky Mess For Less reader. Enter for a chance to win your very own copy of Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables. Rules and entry are below.
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Disclosure:  I was sent this product for review.  All opinions expressed are my own. I received no monetary compensation for this review.


  1. I have a hard time getting my 3 year old daughter to eat any kind of casserole. Other than spaghetti, anything that is mixed together with meat, sauce, pasta or anything like it, she will not eat. She has gotten better about trying new things like fish, meatloaf, and pork chops. She will usually finally take a bite and then say "Mommy, you make the best ______!" (meatloaf, fish, or whatever it is she is trying) I'm hoping she will get better about it. She ate her first ham sandwich the other day and ate part of a hamburger for the first time last night! Hopefully this DVD will help her try some new things too!!

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  4. Daughter does not like to try anything new.

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  6. My son is such a picky eater and I, too, give in and feed him whatever he'll eat because I'm afraid he'll wake up hungry. I'm going to try being strong and hopefully he'll adjust without waking up starving!

  7. I am a pediatric occupational therapist. The biggest challenge my patients have is progressing from pureed food to crunchy textures. This dvd would be a great visual tool to use in the clinic and for the parent and child at home.

  8. I should check this out as I am growing more and more passionate about serving kids a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and overall nutritious food as opposed to the empty stuff.

    I actually just started a new blog about it! Creative Kid Snacks (

    Hope you are well, Vicky!!

    (from Sugar and Spice AND Creative Kid Snacks) :)

  9. P.S. - your little girl's pink glasses are ADORABLE on her! She looks like an American Girl doll :)

  10. I'm an autism teacher. Looks like a great video!

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    My kids have a hard time eating vegs!!

  12. most vegetables are a problem

  13. My 2yo daughter doesn't care for most "regular" food. She prefers single items that have nothing added to it.

  14. Hi there, I have been following for some time but have fallen behind with checking in on my favorite blogs so I am trying to play catch up(and saw your dvd giveaway)This would be great to win because my 2 youngest are pretty picky too, my 19 month old picked it up from seeing my 3 year old refuse certain foods. This would be a huge help! I hope to win. Thanks again!

  15. My kids all vote onions out.. but my son is the pickiest eater i have ever met. Meat is my trouble with him!

  16. all vegetables are impossible to get my daughter to eat!

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