Handwriting Practice with a Dry Erase Board

Handwriting Practice, Fine motor skills

Last week I was at Toys R Us and noticed they sold dry erase crayons. I didn't even know they made such a thing. I have wanted to do dry erase activities with my kids, but most markers I have found had a strong odor. The best part was there was a sale and they were buy 1 get 2 free which is perfect when you have three kids. The cashier said they have sales like every year before school starts so you might want to check you local Toys R Us to see if the sale is still going on. It was good for all kinds of crayons, markers and other Crayola items. 

When I was at the Dollar Store the other day I discovered that they sold dry erase boards. They come with a  marker that you can just remove. For $3 I now have dry erase boards for all the kids. How did we use our new items? Read on to find out...

dry erase board and crayons

You will need:
  • Dry earse board
  • Dry erase crayons

My older kids have been working handwriting practice at school. The dry erase board seemed like a great opportunity to extend that learning at home. I wrote letters on the left side of the board and my daughter was able to copy them on the left side. 

Practicing Handwriting

She loved being able to erase any letter that was not turning out as she liked. She reverses her Cs and was easily able to correct them using the board and crayons.

Handwriting practice with a dry erase board

After we practiced our letters, the kids decided to draw. The crayons provided bright, vivid colors that made their drawings come to life. That is a girl with a brown pony tail of course!

My two year old used the board and crayons to practice making lines, which is an important pre-writing skill. 

Then she erased and started over again. The crayons are tougher than markers to erase so she really has to work her muscles to get that board clean.

I received nothing from the companies or products mentioned here. I just found some fun things on a recent shopping trip and thought I'd share how we used them. Do you have any other ideas for the dry erase boards or for handwriting practice?

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  1. I love those dry erase crayons, they are so cool. Thanks for stopping by to check out our scented glue. (Momma's Fun World)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi Catherine, Yes, I am so happy to have discovered them. I don't have to worry about the kids using them.

  3. It's funny how much kids LOVE dry erase boards. I got one for myself, but it quickly was taken over by my toddler.

  4. We love our dry erase board. I am currently updating it so I haven't had it out for the kids, but when it is they will spend an hour at a time drawing and erasing!