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DIY Playroom Organizers, Home Organization

If you have young kids then you probably have a messy playroom that is difficult to keep organized. Or you have a housekeeper. Or really good kids who keep the playroom tidy at all times. I lack the latter two so I have tried  various things to keep the clutter under control. Despite my best efforts, I still have two bins of dress up clothes that are overflowing. We needed more space for our dress up clothes, but I didn't want to add another bin to our already crowded playroom. When I saw the Bright and Colorful Entry Way created by Tatertots and Jello, I realized it might be a perfect solution for my dress up clothes woes. Read on to see what we came up with.

You will need:
  • Small unfinished wood plaques
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint Sponges
  • Wooden cutouts
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hooks
  • Ribbon

I enlisted the help of my kids. I figured they would be more invested in actually hanging up the clothes if they took part in creating the hangers. 

I poured some acrylic paint into cups and gave them the wood plaques and a sponge brush.

My kids are two and four and they were both able to do this project. Don't be afraid to get dirty!  My daughter got pink acrylic paint on her dress and we could not get it off. Finally, we tried scrubbing and rubbing it with with rubbing alcohol (she was no longer in the dress) and the stain came out. File that under good to know!

The wood plaques were pretty inexpensive. I got them at Michael's and paid $1.99 each, not counting my coupon. 

The sides of the plaques were a bit tricky for the kids to paint. I helped by holding the plaques while they got in the crevices.

When the kids were done painting, I just ran the sponge brush over the paint to smooth the blotchy areas. Then I let them dry overnight. 

When dry, you can use hot glue to add your wooden cutout. I got these at Michael's too for less than $1. They have unpainted wood cutouts as well if your kids would like to paint them.

Next, you will add your hooks. We used self stick hooks but you can also use the screw on type depending on how much work you want to do. 

Finally, add some grosgrain ribbon or whatever ribbon you happen to have on hand. I make pretty hair clips for my girls so we always have lots of ribbon on hand.

Using your hot glue gun, add some glue to the back of the plaque on the places you would like to add the ribbon.

Cut a length of ribbon and press it on the glue dots. The amount of ribbon you will use depends on how low you want the plaque to hang. I used about 4 inches of ribbon.

Make sure you hang these at a level where the kids will be able to hang up the clothes themselves. The last thing you want to be doing is picking up more stuff off the floor.

You can hang all sorts of dress up clothes on these. Even fairy wings. I know I am always at a loss about where to put my fairy wings. Not anymore!

These would make a fun gift for a child. They are easy and cheap to make and can be personalized with child's initials or name. 

I love this idea because it solved a problem and was created by the kids. They take a lot more pride in putting there dress up clothes away now since they made these colorful hooks. What area of your playroom or house is the biggest challenge to keep clean?

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  1. These are adorable! So smart to use the command strips for the little hooks on the front too!

  2. This is so brilliant Vicky. Pinning and tweeting. xoxo P

    1. Thanks Pauline! The kids had lots of fun making them and now they pick up their clothes. We'll see how long it lasts.

  3. These are awesome! My boys' costumes are hanging in their closet where they can't reach on their own. I don't mind getting them down when they ask, but I like this idea much better!

  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing this I idea. I will be sure to do this project with my kids one of these days.

  5. I love how you got them involved in making these. It definitely makes them more invested in using them and looks like it was a lot of fun. We recently did a thrify remake of my sons room and it has made a huge difference.

  6. Oh, those are so cute, Vicky! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. :)

  7. Those are beautiful and useful! I bet the girls are very proud of them. Stopping by from Cheerios and Lattes. Hope to see you at True Aim!

  8. What a cute and brilliant idea! I love that the kids got to create this! I'm always looking for ways to add some organization, any organization, to our daughter's playroom. So glad I found this!

  9. cool going to try it with a spiderman stencil

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  11. Those are adorable and it's so nice to get the kids involved with decorating them!

  12. very cool idea. Wish I had seen that before I just stuck a row of hooks up

  13. I really like this idea. I have been wanting to do some hooks but wasn't sure where to start. Thanks for the ideas!

  14. Cute idea! I love that the kids were able to help with this project. Great rainy day project!

    Karla - visiting from

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  17. I love these! And you even let your kids help! You're such a good mama!

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