Bath Tub Basketball - Guest Post from SugarSnips

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Please welcome Mary from SugarSnips who is here to share a fun and frugal idea for making a bath tub basketball game. Mary is a former scientist turned stay at home mom who blogs about crafts, activities and ideas to inspire and entertain moms. Take it away Mary!

So hopefully your children are not like mine and do not go through a phase where they think that getting a little water in their eyes is quite possibly the worst thing ever.  I've found, like many things, that distraction is key to a happy bath time.  In fact we've gotten so good at fun in the tub that the problem is now getting the kids out.  But, hey, there could be worse things that squeaky clean kids, right?  This bath tub basketball idea was inspired largely for the benefit of my son who plays primarily with whatever his older sister gets out, meaning lots of dolls and lots of baking (both of which he loves).  So for all you younger siblings and reluctant bathers out there here is how to make your very own bath tub basketball hoop!
Bath tub disclaimer: My tub does not get any better looking than this sadly (cringe).  We rent.
For the hoop I used a recycled apple juice container (the 1 gallon huge Motts bottle from Costco---words cannot express my love for that store) and I cut off the top and bottom with a sharp box cutter.  A sharp blade is key to cut bottles, my initial attempt was with apparently a dull blade and I was not so successful.  Yes, it seems like common sense NOW, but at the time I was running to google for "how to cut a plastic bottle".  Yup, that girl.  Now attach two adhesive velcro squares to one side of the bottle, and the "opposite" two velcro halves to the wall (don't worry they come right off and don't leave a mark).
Add balls, and......He shoots, he scores!!!!
You could always dress this up even more by painting a scoreboard (and score) on the bathtub wall with bath paint or bath crayons.
We've also made an entire bath tub water wall using recycled bottles as well as a really cool double-sided outdoor water wall.  Be sure to check them out as well as other bath time fun ideas at!
I just love this idea! I am in the same boat as Mary. One of my daughters thinks she will melt if water gets on her face. We are always looking for ways to keep her busy and distracted in the tub and this seems perfect. Thank you Mary!

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