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Today we have a guest post from Heather who blogs at Little Moments to Embrace. Heather is a mother of two with a background in early childhood education. She blogs some wonderful ideas for children's learning and play. I am excited to have her here today sharing a wonderful activity for babies. My kids have outgrown this stage so I don't offer lots of baby ideas here. I know this post will be helpful to my friends and readers with little ones. Please welcome Heather!

Devin has been busy lately; busy wiggling and rolling around, busy putting toys in his mouth, and busy eyeing things up he wishes he could put in his mouth.  At six months old he is able to explore a little bit more of his world now that he has wiggle room.  Sensory bottles are the perfect option for him at this stage, they allow him to explore objects that are too small for him, safely.  We don't have plastic bottles in the house often, but we do have a lot of plastic baby food containers, the perfect size for little hands to grab.

I simply washed out the containers, added some odds and ends from around the house, and sealed them shut.  Brightly colored items are eye catching, and items that make noise when shaken are even more irresistible to a baby seeking new discoveries.  I used a hot glue gun to seal the lid on, and then wrapped clear packing tape around the whole box for added security.

Sensory box
Sensory box, #babies

There is so much investigating to do with sensory boxes...

Sensory Boxes


Looking, touching...

Knocking them down over and over...

And listening to the interesting sounds they make when shaken!

Did you know this investigating, this busy play, is really a simple experiment?  Sensory boxes, and other objects Devin comes in contact with are used over and over again to better understand his world. 

What is your baby's favorite thing to experiment with right now?

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Thank you so much Heather! I have to start by saying Devin is SO cute! The pictures of him are darling. I love that this idea is frugal and reuses things we already have at home. I can't imagine how many of those baby food containers we went through. 

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  1. I love the idea of safe sensory boxes for even the littlest babies. My baby is now 13 months old, so I'm giving him a broader range for sensory exploration, and he loves all the new things to explore.

    My Baby School post:

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Off to check out your post.