Food Fun Friday - Birthday Cake Popcorn

Food for Children, Birthday Cake Popcorn

Food for children needs to be delicious and fun. I was looking through my pantry for something we could add to regular popcorn to take it up a notch. You'd be surprised how quick and easy it is to make some "fancy popcorn." This would be great served at a party or as a hostess gift. I didn't come up with the name "Birthday Cake Popcorn" until we made it and tasted it. It was just so yummy and colorful that it reminded me of birthday cake. See if you don't agree.

Read on for the recipe.

You will need:
  • Popcorn (I used light microwave popcorn, but you can pop your own)
  • Chocolate and vanilla candy melts
  • Mini marshmallows
  • 2 Squeeze bottles
  • Colorful Sprinkles
  • Large bowl
The one warning I will give you about making this, is to make sure your popcorn is free from loose kernels  The chocolate can make them stick to the other pieces of popcorn. They are hard to spot and you don't want to bite down on them.

I used the Wilton decorating squeeze bottles but you can just drizzle on the melted chocolate with a spoon. I found conflicting reports about whether you could actually melt the candy melts in these bottles. I chose not to. I melted the candy in a glass cup instead and poured them into the bottles. I really like the look of the chocolate using the bottles rather than drizzling with a spoon. The end result looks more like something you'd find in a store.

So whichever method you chose, start by melting the chocolate and vanilla candy melts separately. The amount of candy melts you use will depend on how big a batch of popcorn you are making and how chocolate-y you want it.

Next, add some mini marshmallows. We really didn't measure these out unless you count 3 child sized handfuls as measuring.

After you add the marshmallows shake up the bowl so that they can become mixed with the popcorn.  Then squeeze the melted vanilla and chocolate candy melts all over the popcorn. You will want to stop every once in a while to shake up the popcorn so that the chocolate gets evenly distributed. 

Next, shake on some sprinkles and let the whole thing sit until the chocolate hardens. Ours took about 30 minutes.

This was SO good and simple to prepare. The kids had a blast making it, from squeezing the bottles to shaking sprinkles, there was lots to keep them busy.

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  1. Fun and Delicious my two favorite things!!

  2. Yum! My little girl would love to make this!

  3. Wow, this looks like fun for kids to make!:)

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