Kid Made Gift Wrap

Do you use wrapping paper or gift bags for presents? In our home we use more wrapping paper for the kids and more gift bags for the adults. I remember the excitement of tearing open a package on Christmas morning and it just doesn't seem as exciting to pull something out of a gift bag. I love the ease and convenience a gift bag provides, but there is just something about wrapping paper. 

To add a more personal touch to gifts, we enjoy making our own gift wrap. It's easy to make personal and unique wrapping paper with just a few basic supplies. If you have easel paper and rollers or even sponges or stamps, you can create this Kid Made Gift Wrap for any occasion just by changing up the paint colors.

You will need:

What I love about buying easel paper by the roll is that you can really customize sizes of gift wrap. If you need to wrap something a little larger, just use more paper from the roll. I measured out the size of gift wrap I needed and cut it out.

I spread some red and green paint on an art tray and provided the kids with these decorative rollers. These work great with paint or a stamp pad. I asked the kids to roll their rollers in the paint to make sure they were completely covered. Then they started making designs on their easel paper. 

My daughter liked exploring the different patterns the rollers made.

My youngest decided to mix her green and red together. She layered the colors and was excited to see what happened when she mixed them.

She was also very efficient in her decorating. She figured out that she could use both rollers at once to really get the job done quickly.

The kids favorite part of this process was the actual rolling. They were really getting an arm workout as they vigorously rolled back and forth. 

This activity was fun for the kids and eye opening for me. Before we started, I pictured this turning out a certain way. I like to test out craft projects before my kids do them. When I created the wrapping paper it turned out like this.

I was expecting something similar from the kids. What they produced looked a lot different. 

I admit that when I first saw them mixing all the colors together, I was a little annoyed. Then I realized that they are KIDS. This was fun for them. They were more concerned about the process and I was concerned about the product. I am glad I caught myself in time so I could appreciate their unique creations. While our gift wrap doesn't look the same, hopefully it lets the recipient know that they are special and that we wanted to make something just for them.

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