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One of my kids' favorite things to do each day is to look at the moon and see it's various phases and appearances. That's why they were so excited to receive a BabbaBox full of things about the Sun, Moon and Stars. What's a BabbaBox, you ask? Well, it's a monthly subscription service where a box loaded with fun is sent to your home. The things inside that box will inspire your little ones to learn and create. Let's see what was in our Sun, Moon and Stars box.

Our kit included all the items to make a papier mache moon night light, Twinkle Star of the Week book, Kid binoculars to observe the moon, a lunar calendar, constellation coloring sheets, materials to make a constellation picture frame, and  This should keep us busy for a while!

The first thing we decided to do was make a papier mache moon night light. I love that all the supplies are already included in the BabbaBox. You just add the kids!

My kids are 2 and 4, so a little adult help was required for this project. I blew up the balloon and mixed my glue and water together to make a papier mache paste.

The kids had so much fun with this next part. They got to rip paper. On purpose! While they ripped the paper differently, one making long thin strips and another making shirt thick strips, they each got a great fine motor workout.

My two year old enjoyed getting her hands dirty by dipping the paper in the glue and then placing it on the balloon.

Soon, we had the entire ball covered. We let it dry and repeated the process and let the whole thing dry a final time.

When it was all dry, we removed the balloon and were left with a papier mache shell which we popped a battery operated tea light into. It really glows at night but even in the day you can see how all the textures make this night light look like the surface of the moon.

Now that the night light is ready all that's left to do is read a story before bedtime.

I wonder what BabbaBox activity we will do tomorrow?

BabbaBox is a theme-based box delivered to your door that allows you to enjoy a little convenience and inspiration! As any parent can attest, the most important thing you can give to your child is quality time. BabbaBox makes this possible by helping you to save time, money, & mindspace. Just think! Fantastic monthly activities with ALL the materials for kids ages 3-6. Included in the box are 3 projects + 1 bestselling book + digital download + parent surprise gift! The best part? Babbabox makes a GREAT unique gift during the holiday season.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BabbaBox. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. This is super cute! I have never heard of babbabox.. how fun!