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If you are anything like me, you have lots of health concerns that pop up each week. I am not talking about major things that would send you running to a doctor, but small things that you would love more information on. Just this week I had the following questions - how much sleep do I need, why is my skin breaking out, how can I help my daughter to sleep? Usually when I have these kinds of questions, I go to the internet and I always end up finding information posted from some random person that makes me more worried than I was before. 

Enter Dr. Jim and Bob's Fun & Helpful Health Advice


Yup, that's them.

They are with Blue Shield of California and they answer healthcare questions is a fun, informative way. Because if you're going to be taking time out of your day to look up heatlhcare stuff, don't you deserve to be entertained?

Dr. Jim and Bob scour the internet every day looking for health questions just like mine and yours. When they find a problem, they will reply to the question and then leave a link to their Facebook page where they offer loads of video advice.

So what kind of advice can you find on this nifty Facebook page of theirs? How about Insomnia, Constipation (yes, they somehow make this funny!), Sunburn, Diarrhea, Hiccups, Cold Sores, Heart Burn, Snoring and more. Besides teaching you a thing or two, these guys are funny. 

Lets say you are married and one of you snores on occasion. I will not say who snores, but lets just say you don't snore. What can you do to get a peaceful nights sleep. Let's ask Dr. Jim and Bob.

I found this video really helpful. For instance, I did not know that sleeping on your side can help snoring. Well, it can according to Dr. Jim. These videos are pretty funny. I actually found myself watching them for problems I didn't even have because they were so entertaining. I think the funniest video is the one about the Hiccups. What's your favorite?

Although Dr. Jim and Bob are funny, they are serious about your health. You can trust Dr. Jim and Bob because they work with Blue Shield of California, a non-profit company that offers easy access to great doctors and alternative care. On top of that, they offer various affordable health plans to meet your needs.


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  1. What about when you do turn on you side and you still snore? Thanks so very much. Later