Decorating Easter Egg Cookies - Food Fun Friday

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Decorating Easter Egg Cookies for kids! Kids love helping in the kitchen. An easy way to get them involved in the Easter preparations.

I don't know about you, but around this time each year I start to think about how we will decorate our Easter eggs. I usually buy one of those Paas kits, but may do something a little more creative this year. While  I was thinking about this, I thought it would also be fun to decorate some Easter egg cookies. This is a perfect activity for all ages and I bet you already have everything you need at home.
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Toddler Pudding Finger Paint - Guest Post from Homespun With Love

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Today I am delighted to have Kristin from Homespun With Love guest posting. If you like budget friendly recipes, craft and decorating ideas, and all around great tips, you are going to want to pay her a visit. Today she is sharing a fun activity for making some colorful Toddler Pudding Finger Paint. This is a terrific sensory experience for little ones and you won't even mind if they get some paint in their mouth!

This has been on our, "to get to" list for a little while, and when Vicky asked if we would like to do a guest post on her wonderful blog, after we regained our composure, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to mark this one off our list!

Not only did this activity turn out to be a great toddler learning through play experience, it also made for keeping little hands busy indoors since it was a cold rainy day outdoors!

To make Toddler Pudding Finger Paint you will need: Vanilla instant pudding. Food coloring. Muffin tin. Finger paint paper {the smooth glossy type}. An old sheet. Optional: Paint brushes and craft sticks, or other interesting items.

Mix up your pudding according to the package directions.

Next, fill your muffin tin cavities 1/2 full with pudding. Add food coloring and mix well. We found that some of the colors did not stay true due to the fact the pudding is a little yellow. It just made the colors more interesting.

Either use the pudding once it is mixed with the food coloring, or cover and store in refrigerator until ready to use.

Now on to the busy little artists!

Please don't forget to put down your old sheet for the children and to keep your floor or carpet clean.

Away they go mixing and watching the colors change.  Time to get a feel of the paint on little fingers.

Although this was intended as "finger paint", paint brushes and craft sticks were a bigger hit than using their fingers.

                       Just wondering what color to use next.

Wow, do you think one of these colors might be Pantone's color of the year next year?!

                Thinking about how to apply the paint on the paper.

       The stick makes the paint make interesting designs on the paper.


                   Learning how to move a paint brush supper fast!

     "Hey Patrick. Would you like to taste the pudding finger paint now?!"

                "Yes that's right, the stuff on your hand is pudding!"

                                           "Okay, ready!"


           And that was the end for Patrick tasting the pudding finger paint.

If you have toddlers and need a activity for either indoors or outdoors to keep them learning through play, give toddler pudding finger paint a try. Be inspired, get creative!

Thank you Vicky for having us on Mess For Less!!!

Thank you Kristin! I love this idea for the finger paint. For one, it is much cheaper to make this than buy finger paint, and it is perfect for little ones who love to put everything in their mouths.  Here are some of my favorite posts from Homespun With Love. Be sure to visit and say hi to Kristin!

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Plastic Canvas Letters - Guest Post from SugarTart Crafts

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I am very excited to have Toni from SugarTart Crafts here today to share a wonderful sewing activity for kids. I must admit sewing is a bit out of my comfort zone but this activity is easy enough for even a  child to do. I enjoy reading Toni's blog because she has great ideas for food, crafts, and kids fun.

Hi there Mess for Less Readers. I'm so happy to be visiting you today!

My name is Toni, and I blog over at SugarTart Crafts where I focus mostly on sewing projects for my 2 year old daughter and our newest addition (on the way).

I have to admit, that while I was completely honored that Vicky asked me to share something with all of you, it was a bit difficult to switch gears from my recent "all baby all the time!" mentality. But eventually I remembered one of my favorite things to do as a little kid, and knew exactly what I wanted to write about.

Plastic Canvas! 
Did anyone else ever play with it as a kid? 
My Gramma would often hand me a sheet of canvas, some scissors, and a bag of yarn. 
Then I would sit on the sofa and remain miraculously silent for hours at a time. 
What Mom doesn't dream of that kind of response to a craft?

The amount of "parental involvement" in this project varies greatly depending on the age of your child,
but can easily entertain most kids between the ages of 4 and 10. 

Scissors, Yarn, Sheets of plastic canvas 
(It comes in a variety of colors, and can be found at any craft, fabric, or wal-mart type store.)

A blunt needle
These come in metal or plastic, but make sure that the eye of the needle is not too large to fit
through the holes of the canvas. The 5mm worked perfectly. (I learned the hard way!)  

Magnets, Glue, Felt, and Graph paper

Cut out your desired shape.
You can use the graph paper to help your child design their own.

Use the yarn to make diagonal stitches from the bottom left to the upper right. 

The yarn "tail" can be secured behind the first few stitches.

Once all the rows are filled with diagonals, wrap the yarn around the edges,
and hide the ends under the stitches on the back. 

Now you can glue on a some felt to make the back prettier,

  add some magnets and stick them to the fridge,

or string a few together for a garland.

And in case you need a little extra inspiration, here are a few alphabet printables!


Just click on one of the 3 boxes to get started.
These letters are roughly 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide, and don't worry, they'll print in grey so you can really see the grids, and it won't use up all your ink. 

Thanks so much to Vicky for having me over, and I hope some of you will stop by my blog for a visit.
I'd love to hear what kinds of projects you guys have made with plastic canvas,or whether you consider it an "old lady craft". ; D

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Toni, thank you very much for sharing this project with Mess For Less. I love the idea of crafting with plastic canvas. I don't think my kids could make those cute letters yet, but I bet they would have lots of fun with the canvas, a dull needle and some yarn. Sounds like a perfect rainy day activity! Here are some of my favorite posts from SugarTart Crafts.

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Recycled Nest Craft - Guest Post from Crafty Mischief

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Please welcome Brittany from Crafty Mischief to Mess For Less. Brittany is a wife and mom of three and she shares her awesome ideas and experiences on her blog. Today she is sharing a great Easter craft that involves recycling, nature and peeps - three of my favorite things! This is a great presentation for some Easter treats. It's all yours Brittany...

Hi! I'm Brittany and I blog at Crafty Mischief. I'm a lover of all things crafty, but I especially love making crafts with my 3 kids and creating fun memories while we craft.

I'm super excited to be here at Mess For Less, sharing a fun Easter craft with you today!

I'm always looking for new craft to do with my kiddos, as well as new materials to craft with. My kids just love taking ordinary, every day things and making them into something exciting and new.

Last week we went through the drive through at McDonald's and I looked at the cardboard cup holder and thought, "Hmm..what could I make out of this?"

I considered tossing it in the recycle bin like I usually do, but I knew it had potential! So, it sat on my counter for days as we brainstormed.

Would it be a mask?
A spider?
A ball?
A nest?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Spring is in the air and the birds are happily chirping in the trees outside.
A nest would be a perfect craft!

To make this Recycled Nest Craft you will need the following supplies:

-fast food cup holders
-brown craft paint
-paint brushes
-small sticks and twigs
-Easter grass
-glue gun and glue sticks

Take a walk with your little one and gather sticks up sticks. When your basket is full, you're good to go!

Using some sturdy scissors cut your cup holder into 4 "nests".

Make sure you cover up your table and dress your kids in "play clothes" because painting is a messy business!

Then, hand over the brushes and paint and let your kids go to town!

If your kids are anything like mine one of them will point out that the paint is the color of poop and they'll burst out in a fit of laughter until they're veins are bustin' out of their necks!

Once your kids regain their composure and finish painting let the paint dry completely.

After your nests have dried completely it's time to add your sticks.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the sticks to the nests. Craft glue would probably work, it would just take longer to dry than hot glue.

I let my kid help with this part by picking out the stick they wanted and showing me where on the nest they wanted the stick to go.

My kids are 10, 9 and 6 (the oldest was much too busy playing soccer with her cool friends to be bothered with Easter crafts! It's ok, more candy for us!) They are probably old enough to use the glue gun, but I'm a paranoid mom and see visions of third degree burns on their faces, so I won't let them near my glue gun! Use your best judgement.

Glue the sticks all the way around the nest.

Now your basket is ready to be filled!

You can add grass, Peeps and candy eggs or whatever you'd like.

Repeat these steps and you can make a whole village of nests!

Happy crafting and have fun! :)

Thank you so very much Brittany! You know, I have been wanting to do something with those cup holders but was having a hard time thinking of ideas. Brittany's idea not only ties in perfectly for Easter, but it really helps teach kids about re-purposing and recycling. Here are some of my favorite posts from Crafty Mischief.

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