Rainbow Cupcakes Tutorial


rainbow cupcakes for a rainbow party

Faithful Mess For Less readers will remember that I threw my twins a rainbow party for their fourth birthday this past weekend. The party was a big hit and everyone had a great time. 

Rainbow Jello - Food Fun Friday

Rainbow Jello - Perfect for Saint Patrick's Day. Kids will love this! #rainbow #jello

What could be more fun that Rainbow Jello? It is so pretty to look at and the ultimate in Family Friendly Recipes. I had seen these on Glorious Treats and thought they would be be perfect for a rainbow party I was throwing for my girls. I will start off by saying they came out great and that I will never make them again. They are that labor intensive. It took me a full day to make thirty cups of Jello. 

Tissue Paper Pom Poms


tissue paper pom poms, tissue paper balls

My twins 4th birthday party is this weekend. We are having their party at our house which seemed like a good idea. Now I am realizing how much work it's going to be. What was I thinking? The kids love rainbows so we are going with a rainbow theme. I decided to make some of my own rainbow decor to try and save some money. 

Letting Kids Work it Out


My twins turn four next week and my youngest is currently two and a half. Being a parent is never easy, but our house had become a war zone. It seemed like all the kids ever did was fight. Sure there were moments of laughter and sweetness among them, but the general sound we heard around here was that of children arguing.

Food Fun Friday - Pretzel Bark


easy pretzel bark

I recently purchased some pretzels for a snack for the kids and myself. I was thinking about how I love chocolate covered pretzel rods. In fact, we even made some ourselves this past Christmas. This gave me the idea to make some pretzel bark. It is super simple to make and the kids just love helping out.

Review and Giveaway: Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo®


If you have kids or pets then you know your floors can look like a disaster at the end of the day. We recently moved to a new house with wood floors on the first level and carpet upstairs. My floors were drowning in pet hair, food crumbs and assorted debris. Enter the Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo®.

I recently got to try out the Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo® which retails for $39.99. This is a battery operated, rechargeable sweeper. I can appreciate the fact that it is cordless. I can't tell you how many times I have been vacuuming and gone too far and had the entire cord come out of the wall or worse yet, tripped over the cord. That is no longer a concern. The Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo® will run for up to 60 minutes between charges. I have been using mine daily for almost a week without the charge running out.

Hot Glue Crayon Rubbings


If you're like me then you have lots of peeled crayons lying around. I don't know how this happens exactly. Who wouldn't want to keep a wrapper on a crayon? Apparently, my kids. They have so much fun peeling the wrappers off. Today's activity is a way to use those unwrapped crayons and create some fun kid art at the same time. 

You will need:
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cereal box
  • Unwrapped crayons

Review and Giveaway: Building Family Ties With Faith, Love & Laughter


Dave Stone has written another essential book for parents looking to create strong family bonds. Building Family Ties With Faith, Love & Laughter is the second in his Faithful Families series and is published by Thomas Nelson

This book is a quick read with a lasting impact. Even though my kids are young, Dave Stone has provided ideas for laying the groundwork for their spiritual growth and the growth of our family. One of his suggestions is to come up with a family mission statement. I have heard of mission statements used for corporations before but never thought about using them in a family. But it makes sense doesn't it? Stone believes that the family should come up with the mission statement together and check in once in a while to see how they are doing. What a great way to have an ongoing dialogue with your kids.

Candy Color Sort


colored candy sorted
We are planning a backyard bash for the twins' 4th birthday. I have decided to do a rainbow theme since both girls love rainbows. If you've planned a party before, you know what an undertaking it can be. Lucky for me I have some party helpers in the house. You see, when you are turning four, you want to help with EVERYTHING. My two year old doesn't quite want to help with everything yet, but she does want to do whatever her sisters do, so I put her to work too.

Food Fun Friday: Sundae Toppings for Kids

Sundae Toppings

My kids love going out to get frozen yogurt. Their favorite thing is to pick toppings for their frozen yogurt from the sundae toppings area. If you've ever been to a frozen yogurt shop, then you know that this can get pricey fast. I decided we could do something similar at home with sundae toppings we already had around. Actually, I did need to buy some ice cream (on sale of course!) but we had everything else.

We're Going on a Water Balloon Hunt

We're Going on a Water Balloon Hunt - Fill up some balloons, add a learning element and hide them around the yard. Perfect fun for a HOT day!

Most of the country has been experiencing a heat wave and few things help us beat the heat more than water. My kids love swimming and running through a sprinkler, but water balloons are an extra special treat for them. We have had fun learning and playing with a Water Balloon Phonics game. They sell water balloons at the dollar store but I don't use them a lot because they just take forever to fill up and are tossed and broken before you know it. So I devised the idea of having a water balloon hunt.

Silly Sock Matching Game

Silly Sock Matching Game, #kids

This matching game was inspired by the show Play With Me Sesame. If you have never seen it, it's where the Sesame Street characters play games and "interact" with kids. On a recent episode, they played a game where they had to match socks on a computer screen. This gave me the idea of creating a hands-on sock matching game. This was very easy to create with some basic supplies.

Food Fun Friday: 4th of July Desserts - Patriotic Cupcakes


4th of July Desserts, #cupcakes, #food, #recipe

Looking for 4th of July desserts? Today I will share some patriotic cupcakes we made for the 4th of July. They can easily be adapted to any day by just changing the colors of food coloring used.

Learning About Colors: Button Sorting

Learning About Colors, Button Sorting, #kids

Colorful buttons are a great thing to have in your crafty mom toolbox. You can use them for all kinds of fun learning activities like counting with muffin cups, stringing on a necklace and even stacking.

Gummy Lump Activity Blogger


I am very excited to share that I am an Educational Activity Blogger for Gummy Lump! Gummy Lump is a shop that carries unique and quality toys that kids love. They also have a blog where they share some fun ideas for parents to make memories with their kids. That's where I come in. On the Gummy Lump blog you will find posts from me that you won't find anywhere else - even on Mess For Less. So if you are looking for some ideas and inspiration come check out my posts there.

Here is a preview of what you will see:

Using buckets and sand toys to create a sand bakery and then pretending to sell our creations.

Di you know there are a ton of games and activities you can do with plastic cones? These versatile toys are great for indoor or outdoor use.

Kids strengthen their fine motor skills by peeling stickers and using them to create faces.

Did you know you can use a chunky puzzle for more than just doing a puzzle? Learn how we made a farm using some puzzle pieces and our imagination.

I do hope you'll join me at the Gummy Lump blog for my future posts and some terrific ideas and advice from other moms. See you there!