Food Fun Friday: Chocolate Snowballs

Chocolate Snowballs, #recipe, #chocolate

I made these Chocolate Snowballs for the first time over Christmas. I was originally inspired by this recipe for Almond Balls that I saw at Jen's Favorite Cookies. I modified it a little to make it more of a winter treat. The result is a delicious treat that tastes like you are eating an ice cream ball. Yup, an ice cream ball. Let that sink in for a minute. How can that be wrong? I served them to guests who could not get enough and they are big hit with kids as well. Click below to find out how to make them.

You will need:
  • Vanilla wafer cookies (40-50 crushed cookies)
  • Cool Whip (one 8 oz tub, thawed)
  • 8-9 oz of Hershey's bars with Almonds
  • Powdered sugar
*Though the vanilla wafers are pictured here, we made these a gluten free snack by using crushed gluten free cookies. I also used lite Cool Whip this time and it didn't change the taste.

Chocolate Snowballs Recipe, #recipe

Break up your chocolate bars and place them in a bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds and stir. Keep on microwaving at 30 second intervals, stirring in between until the chocolate is melted. If you are having kids help, make sure the bowl is not too hot.

Place the thawed Cool Whip in a medium sized bowl, add the melted chocolate and stir. You don't have a lot of time for this step if you want the chocolate the get blended in really well. The chocolate will start hardening once it goes into the Cool Whip, so start stirring right away.

When the chocolate and Cool Whip have been thoroughly combined, chill the mixture for a few hours. While the mixture is chilling crush your wafers into crumbs. The easiest way I found to do this was to place the wafers into a zip top bag and crush them with a rolling pin. I bet kids would have a blast crushing wafers! 

After chilling, scoop out the mixture by the spoonful and roll in the crushed wafer crumbs. 

After they have been coated with the cookie crumbs, pour some powdered sugar onto a plate and roll the balls through it.

Recipe for chocolate snowballs, #recipe

These balls will not be perfectly round since the mixture is still fairly soft. Place them on a cookie sheet and freeze overnight.

Chocolate Snowballs, #chocolate

Chocolate Snowballs Recipe, #recipe

When you serve these Chocolate Snowballs you will want to make sure your kids eat them right away. If they take too long they will start melting. Of course, that's always fun too!

For another fun winter treat check out our Meringue Snowmen.

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  1. Vicky - I am definitely going to try this! Yum!

  2. These sound very good, and your helpers are adorable!

  3. Another great recipe and I like how they are each going to be unique like a real snowball and if I read the directions correctly they also seem to be no bake and THAT I totally love! I'm pinning this! Thank you for sharing on A Crafty Soiree this week, hopefully you got my previous comment that you popcorn was featured in my new linky post :)

    1. Yes, I did Katie! Thanks so much! And yes, no bake, just freeze.

  4. I love easy, simple cookie recipes like this!

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