Valentine's Day Cards using Shaving Cream

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We love to make cards using shaving cream. In the past, we made end of the year teacher cards using shaving cream. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I have had lots of Valentine ideas bouncing around my head. I decided we should make cards for my kids classmates. I admit, in the past I have bought those little Valentine's Day cards that have a kitten or cartoon on them and called it a day. But I am the Mess For Less lady. The least I can do is make cards. These Valentine's Day Cards using Shaving Cream are fun to make and will make it look like you put some effort into Valentine's Day. *I reserve the right to give out store bought Valentines whenever I see fit, so if you read this and have gotten one of those kitten or cartoon cards, you know why.

You will need:
Valentines Day Ideas for Cards

The first thing you need to do is to decide what size card you want to make. Since these were for kids, I wanted something fairly small. I cut the white card stock to a 5" x 6.5" size and for the finished card, I folded that in half. 

Cut out some hearts from the red construction paper. You will need 1 heart for each card you are making.

Valentines Day Ideas

Squirt some shaving cream onto a tray and add a few squirts of red food coloring on it. 

shaving cream

Provide your child with the tray and a Popsicle stick and have them swirl the color around. Make sure they don't mix the red in completely or the cards won't have the marbled effect.

playing with shaving cream

Next, have your child press down the card stock onto the colored shaving cream and then carefully lift it up.

Ideas for Valentine's Day

fun craft for Valentine's Day

marbled paper

This is where it gets pretty messy and where you take over. When your child lifts the shaving cream covered paper, you can place it on a paper towel and use a Popsicle stick to remove the shaving cream from the card stock.

marble effect

You will be using the Popsicle stick like a scraper and scraping off the shaving cream. When you do this, the pretty marbling effect is revealed.

shaving cream

Valentines day cards

When you have taken off all the excess shaving cream, put the cards out on a table to dry. They will feel dry to the touch already, so you only need to leave them out for an hour or so. Then, gather up all the cards and place them under a heavy book so they will not curl.

While this is going on, you can have your children decorate the construction paper hearts you cut out earlier. Have them brush some glue on the hearts and them sprinkle glitter on them. We used red glitter, but you can use whatever color you'd like.

cutting out hearts

glitter hearts

When the hearts and card stock have dried, fold the card stock in half and glue the glitter heart to the center.

Then you will have these adorable handmade cards that your child can write out to their classmates.

Make Cards, Valentine Ideas

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  1. As always my dear you just blow me away with these fun things for the kids to do!

  2. I love that marbled effect. Thanks for reminding me to put the paper under a book to keep it from curling! Adorable! Renee

  3. I've been debating buying the boxed cards or making our own. These look really cool, though, so maybe we'll try at least a few of them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How fun and cute! :) Pinning! ;)
    Have a great weekend!

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  6. We did a similar activity a while back, but I love the idea of doing it for Valentine's!

  7. I really have to remember to buy shaving cream. Beautiful cards.

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  9. The marbled effect looks wonderful.

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    Beth =-)

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  12. This is gorgeous! Easy enough for tots with yet such a beautiful result. Will have to try it a shot!

  13. They really turned out great! Thanks for linking up at After School.

  14. Thanks Anna! They were lots of fun for the kids to make.