The ABCs of Raising Girls - Day 2: Letters F-J

ABCs of Raising Girls

Welcome to day 2, letters F-J. If you missed Day 1, Letters A-E, you can see it here

I am a mom of 3 girls. So we have lots of pink, lots of drama, lots of princesses, lots of tangled hair. So I do consider myself something of an expert in raising girls. In raising toddler and preschool girls to be exact. Some of the suggestions and ideas I have will work on or appeal to boys too, but I have just used them on girls. I hope you will join me every day this week as I share some advice for raising girls and some ideas to keep them busy!

F....Flowers.  What women doesn't love getting flowers? Well, the flower love starts young with little girls. Here is a fun way to make flowers using recycled bottles.

G...God. Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. -Proverbs 22:6 This is such a scary time to be raising girls and sometimes I feel helpless. Yet I know that the best thing I can give my daughters is a strong foundation of faith and knowledge of who God is. I don't think you can start this too young.

H...Helping.  My girls enjoy helping out around the house. I don't know how long this phase will last, but for now I am taking advantage of it. Young kids love doing things that adults do. Ask them to help set the table by putting out utensils and napkins. Ask them to put dirty clothes in the washer or hamper or to help you match up freshly laundered socks. Not only does this teach them responsibility, but it also gets them in the habit of helping around the house.

I...Imaginative Play. If your girls are anything like mine, they love all sorts of imaginative play. One day they can play dress up and pretend to be a princess and the next they are having a pretend picnic or birthday party. A fun activity for those imaginative little minds is create a play restaurant and make their own menus. Check out how we set up our restaurant.

J...Jump. You may think that girls don't require as much physical play as boys, but that's simply not true. While some girls prefer more imaginative and creative endeavors, they enjoy psychical activity just as much as boys. So get out there and move, run and jump! We played a fun game using a simple broom that got us jumping and moving.

Join us tomorrow for letters K-O of raising girls!

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