The ABCs of Raising Girls - Day 4 Letters P-T


I am a mom of 3 girls. So we have lots of pink, lots of drama, lots of princesses, lots of tangled hair. So I do consider myself something of an expert in raising girls. In raising toddler and preschool girls to be exact. Some of the suggestions and ideas I have will work on or appeal to boys too, but I have just used them on girls. I hope you will join me every day this week as I share some advice for raising girls and some ideas to keep them busy!

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P...Playroom Organization. Our playroom was always a mess. The biggest area of mess was our dress up corner. Dresses and costumes were always strewn about or sloppily stuffed in a too-small box. I was a looking for a solution and I knew that lasting change would only come if the kids were part of that solution. I bought some supplies and had the kids make these super girly playroom organizers. I am proud to say that they have made a difference in the state of our playroom. The girls are much more likely to hang up their dress clothes on their special hooks. 

DIY Playroom Organizers, Home Organization

Q... Questioning. It's hard for any parent to come to terms with the fact that their child might have some kind of issue. I have faced this a number of times with one particular daughter. I have learned a few things from my experiences with her, namely, that it is okay to question whether your child is progressing normally. Read about how to proceed if you have such questions in Is There Something Wrong With My Child. 

Mess For Less - Is There Something Wrong With My Child, #kids, #parenting, #special-needs

R...Rainbow Party. Every girl is going to want to have a rainbow party at some point. For my girls that point was when they turned 4. We really went all out and created a fun rainbow party that included rainbow snacks and activities. Get some free rainbow party printables here.

rainbow party, rainbow birthday

S...Simple Pleasures. One of the toughest things about raising girls, or any child for that matter, is keeping them grounded and teaching them to enjoy the simple things in life. How can we do this? Some of my favorite bloggers share their best ideas for teaching kids to enjoy simple pleasures.

14 Ways to teach Children to Enjoy Simple Pleasures, #parenting

T...Tantrums. There is hope! As my twins have turned 4 their tantrums have lessened. I think I may see a light at the end of the tunnel as far as they are concerned. However, my youngest, who is two, continues to rage and have fits. You can bet I have been using every one of the tips found in 10 Ways to Stop a Tantrum and 10 More Ways to Stop a Tantrum

10 Ways to Stop a Tantrum, what are tantrums

Join us tomorrow for the final day of the ABCs of Raising Girls as we cover letters S-Z.

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