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I have noticed a trend lately with the magazines I subscribe to. The paper is getting thinner and the magazines just seem flimsier. And the content is more fluff than substance. It no longer feels like a treat to curl up with these magazines. I was starting to lose hope and then Natural Child World magazine arrived in my mailbox.

The first thing you will notice about the magazine is the look of it. The cover is glossy, the pages are thick and the photography is beautiful. THIS is what a magazine should be.  Just based on the look and feel of it alone, this is something I can get excited about reading. But we've all learned that appearances aren't everything and you can't judge a book -- or a magazine in this case -- by its cover. It's what's on the inside that counts, right? So let's take a peek inside, shall we?

As a mom of a child who is intolerant to certain foods, the above article really spoke to me. It offered practical tips and suggestions for what to do if you suspect you child has food sensitivities. Elsewhere in the magazine, in the article "Life, Family And Our Pursuit of Happiness," I learned that scientists have discovered that 40% of our happiness is intentional. That means that once you remove genetics (50%) and circumstances (10%) we are still left with 40% of our happiness that we can control. That is HUGE and makes me feel a lot less like a victim and a lot more like I am in the driver's seat when it comes to joy and happiness.

Since I've gotten married and had kids, my tastes have shifted from magazines that offer dating advice and trendy single gal fashion to those that focus more on family and kids. And I'll be honest, some of those family and parent magazines leave me feeling old with their articles about saving for retirement and finding a pair of flattering mom jeans. I like to think I have evolved and grown since I read the "young women" magazines. But I don't think I have grown into mom jeans... yet.

Natural Child World seems like it's a magazine for the person I've become and hope to be. I am more socially aware and am working to be a better person, wife, mom and friend. Natural Child World supports those goals.

Natural Child World describes itself as Modern, Creative and Sustainable. Each issue has a theme such as "The Happiness Issue," "The Imagination Issue," "The Clean Issue" or "The Relationship Issue." In these issues you'll find features such as Design, Fashion (great ideas for the adorable kid in your life), Lifestyle, Wellness for Life and Inspired By Motherhood. Plus they spotlight products that are good for you, your kids, and the environment. There is a lot to explore at the Natural Child World website, too. I've found lots of great ideas there for healthy foods and recipes that I feel great giving my kids.

While you're at the website, be sure to preview Natural Child World and request your FREE issue. That's right, FREE. And speaking of things that are free, Natural Child World is giving one lucky Mess For Less reader a year's subscription to the magazine. Now you can be inspired too! You can find Natural Child World on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Entry and rules are below. Good luck in the giveaway!
Disclosure:  I was sent this product for review.  All opinions expressed are my own. I received no monetary compensation for this review.
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  1. I've noticed too that most magazines are getting cheaper - in quality, not price. Interesting about happiness, isn't it. I remember a camp counselor once saying to a disgruntled camper, 'Life is what you make of it, Buster.' And it is so true, isn't it. I'm a GFC follower of Mess for Less.

  2. I love that this has valid articles for moms!

  3. Thanks for sharing! This looks like a great magazine :)

  4. I love that the articles are very pertinent to what moms want to know NOW!

  5. it looks like something that the every day mom could get something out of ;:)

  6. Great post! It looks like a really nice magazine. I agree about thin pages, poorly written articles.

  7. Articles for moms and that it has glossy pages and great pictures !

  8. I love that it has articles that I would be interested in reading!