Exploding Milk Experiment

Find out how to make Exploding Milk in vibrant colors. My kids were amazed!

Have you ever started out doing one thing and ended up with something totally different? That's what happened when we tried an experiment with exploding milk. It started off as a completely innocent experiment using milk, food coloring and dish soap and ended up as a bubbly, fizzy adventure. We did all of these activities at once but you can split them up over a series of days culminating with this bubbling milk activity.

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You will need:
  • Milk
  • Dish soap in a small cup
  • Food coloring
  • Tooth picks
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Bowl or container for milk

We started out by adding a few drops of food coloring to some milk.

Then we dipped a toothpick in some dish soap and touched it to the food coloring in the milk. My daughter was so impressed with the reaction that took place between the dish soap and the liquid. I think it's pretty impressive, don't you?

milk experiment

Next, she tried stirring it up with her toothpick.

Food coloring in milk

My other daughter worked with blue food coloring.

She had the same cool result when the dish soap made contact with the liquid.

mixing food coloring and milk

Then she added lots of different colors for a rainbow effect.

rainbow milk

At this point I had the idea to add baking soda and vinegar to the milk and food coloring mixture. I didn't know if the milk would curdle. I was surprised when the baking soda and vinegar acted as they normally did and caused a bubbling, fizzy eruption. Apparently the milk made no difference. As you can see my youngest was surprised as well.

Exploding Milk Experiment

We loved how the resulting foam was colored from the food coloring. We added some more food coloring to the mixture along with more baking soda and vinegar and it was fun watching the colors bubble up.

We also tried adding food coloring on top of the bubbled mixture and using a spoon to make beautiful swirls. 

Exploding Milk

Color Mixing

The kids really loved all the experiments we did with the milk and food coloring but the watching the milk errupt was by far their favorite. They kept asking me to add more vinegar and baking soda, so you want to make sure you have a good sized container so the milk doesn't overflow.

Find out how to make Exploding Milk in vibrant colors. My kids were amazed!

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  1. I love your chemistry class! I suppose I'm too old to enroll? :-) What fun your girls have - while you're teaching them so many things and giving them opportunities other kids never get.

  2. This looks like so much fun!
    Definitely pinning it for later!

  3. I love the surprised look on her face!! We will try this for sure! Thanks.

  4. love this. i will have to do this with my boys! they will have a lot of fun with this. I love your daughters face that is priceless:-)

  5. We did this in class yesterday and my kids
    loved it!

    M :)

  6. I am looking for small science projects to do with my kids this summer. This one will be perfect. We will do ours outside, just in case. Thanks for posting.

  7. Her expression is priceless! We've been playing with baking soda and vinegar a lot lately so next time I'll add milk for a great variation.

  8. Thanks for the idea. I did it with my boys (3 and 4) and they had a blast. They're obsessed with Sid the Science Kid right now so they always want to do "experiments".