Apple Bowling Art

Apple Bowling Art - We had so much fun bowling with apples and creating some colorful Fall artwork along the way.

Welcome to the second installment of Fall into Sensory PLAY, a series I am doing with Crystal from Growing a Jeweled Rose! This week and next week on Mondays and Thursdays, we are sharing fun ideas for Fall themed sensory play. On Monday, we each shared a pumpkin themed activity - Scented Shaving Cream Pumpkin Pie here and Pumpkin Slime Play Recipe over at Growing a Jeweled Rose. Today we will be sharing some apple sensory play ideas. We used apples and paint to create Apple Bowling Art while Crystal made some Apple Volcanoes and Eruptions.  

We have an apple tree in our yard and had a big harvest this year. Some apples were dented and had various holes in them. I decided to use a few of those apples to create Apple Bowling Art. 


You will need:
If you would like to purchase supplies we used for this project, affiliate links are provided at the end of this post.
  • 10 plastic water bottles
  • Red paint
  • Yellow paint
  • White butcher paper
  • 4 apples
Apple bowling

Set up 5-6 feet of butcher paper in the backyard. It was slightly windy when we made our Apple Bowling Art, so I had to hold down the ends of the paper with some heavy objects. I also noticed as I was setting up the empty water bottles, that a strong wind kept blowing them over. I knew this would drive my kids crazy, so I added a tiny bit of water to each bottle. Just enough to fill the bottom. If you add too much, then the bottles will be too heavy to knock over. Set up the bottles on one end of the butcher paper in a bowling formation.

Bottle bowling

Add stripes of paint on various parts of the butcher paper. I used stripes of red and yellow paint, thinking that maybe the rolling apples would create orange. 

Paint bowling

Have your child try to knock down the "pins" by rolling the apples through the paint. They will need to experiment with this step. How hard to roll the apple? Should you roll while standing or sitting?

Messy play

Since I had three kids playing Apple Bowling, I let each child have four apples per turn to knock down all the pins. 

Sensory bowling

After the first roll, all of the apples were covered in paint and every subsequent turn resulted in painted hands.
Messy hands

And sometimes faces! Not to worry, all came out with soap and water.

As we bowled we watched the paint splatter and mix.

Apple bowling game

Even the bottles got messy!

Kids bowling

My youngest knocked down the most pins. She had the hardest rolls and was able to knock down nine of her pins at once! 

When we were done we didn't see any orange. I think if we kept at it longer, the red and yellow may have combined to make orange, but on this day it did not. It did however make for some fabulous apple art!

 Fall into Sensory PLAY

And some MESSY hands!

Head on over to Growing a Jeweled Rose and take a look at her Apple Volcanoes and Eruptions:

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