Counting Bead Fun

 This Counting Bead Fun activity was inspired by an activity that my kids did when they were in preschool. I loved the idea for counting and it reminded me of the You Can Count on Me math activity we had done in the past. This is a very simple activity to set up requiring just a few items which you probably already have at home.
Counting Bead Fun - an easy kids activity to set up that combines counting with fine motor practice!

Counting Bead Fun

Supplies you will need:
  • Paper (I used two sheets of copy paper taped together)
  • Tape
  • Pipe cleaners cut in half
  • Beads
Tape two pieces of copy paper together and write the numbers 1-10 on top. Cut pipe cleaners in half and tape them under each number. Be sure you just tape the top of the pipe cleaner to the paper so your child can still lift it up to insert the beads. Fill up a small cup with the some beads and instruct the kids to place the appropriate number of beads on each pipe cleaner.
Counting Bead Fun

Besides helping with counting, this activity also strengthens fine motor skills as little ones work hard to grasp the beads and string them on the pipe cleaner.

Counting Bead Fun

Even young kids who aren't counting yet can enjoy counting bead fun.

Counting Bead Fun

After your child is done stringing their beads, have them count over the beads and check their work.
Counting Bead Fun

As an extension to this activity, you can have your child string the beads on the pipe cleaners in a pattern for example – red, blue, red blue…
Counting Bead Fun


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