This is a quick and easy Christmas craft for kids that uses supplies you already have at home!

Christmas Paper Chain

Supplies Needed

construction paper, tape, glue stick, scissors ruler, markers,  googly eyes

Start by cutting 2 strips of tan & one strip of brown paper about 2 inches by 8.5 inches.

Add eyes and a nose to the center of the two tan strips, and a smile to one of them. Add eyes, a smile and a big red nose to the brown strip.

To finish Santa, cut beard out of the white paper and a hat out of red paper. Draw a smile on the beard with a red marker. Attach the beard with a glue stick.

Attach Santa's hat with a piece of tape on the back, so that the hat sticks up.


To complete Rudolph, cut two antlers out of brown construction paper.

Use the tape to secure the strip into a loop then glue the bottoms of the antlers to the strip so they stick up.

To make the elf, cut out two pointed oval ears and a pointed green hat. Cut out a little white circle pom-pom and attach it to the top of the hat.

Attach the elf's hat to the back of the strip with tape so that it stands up from the loop.

Form the the elf, Santa and reindeer into a Christmas Paper Chain.


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