Tired of decorating Easter eggs the same old way? Try these easy Baking Soda Easter Eggs! This activity combines science with egg decorating.

Baking Soda Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed

Baking soda  – VinegarPowdered tempera paint  – TongsContainers . – Hard-boiled eggsEmpty egg carton

Pour in some baking soda so that the bottom of the container is covered.

Next, add in the powdered tempera paint. Mix until the paint and baking soda are thoroughly combined.

Place a hard-boiled egg into the container with the baking soda and paint. Pour vinegar into a small cup and slowly pour it into the container.

The vinegar combines with the baking soda and powdered paint mixture to form fizzy green bubbles which covers the entire egg.


When the foam goes down, a colored Easter egg is left.

Remove the eggs with some tongs and placed them in an empty egg carton to dry.


Mess for Less