These coffee filter pumpkins are fun for kids to make and are a great  Fall decoration!  Such a fun kids activity!


Supplies Needed

– Large coffee filter – Washable orange marker (we used Crayola Washable Markers) – Spray bottle with water – Green paper – Scissors – Ribbon, wire or Easter grass – Tray or plate – Branch – Tissues

Give your child a coffee filter and an orange marker and have them color the coffee filter. They don't need to cover every inch of the coffee filter as the color will run as it gets sprayed.

After they are done coloring the coffee filter, give them a spray bottle filled with water and have them watch what happens when they squirt the coffee filter.

Let the coffee filters dry. Ours took about an hour.

To assemble the pumpkins, bunch up 3 tissues and place them in the center of the coffee filter.


Squeeze the coffee filter together to make your pumpkin. Secure it with ribbon, wire, tape or a rubber band. Before you secure it, add a small piece of branch and a leaf to the middle.

Assemble a group of the coffee filter pumpkins into a little pumpkin patch.


Mess for Less