This Thanksgiving Craft Pipe  Cleaner Turkey is a simple project  that would be perfect for kids to  make on Thanksgiving day when the food is being prepared.

Thanksgiving  Turkey Craft


--   Cups – - Construction Paper  – - Googly  Eyes – - Pipe Cleaners – - Tape – - Glue – scissors

If You Are Using Paper Cups, Poke 5 Holes in  a Rainbow Shape into the Bottom of the Cup

Provide your child with 5 pipe cleaners in various  colors and the cup with the holes. Have your child push both ends of  a pipe cleaner into one hole to form a feather.

Cut a Turkey Body Out of Brown Construction Paper. Have Your Child Use the Glue to Attach the Googly Eyes to the  Turkey's Head

Make a Beak by Cutting and Gluing Orange  Construction Paper to the Turkey.

When the Glue Has Dried, Tape the Body to the Cup and Spread Out the Pipe Cleaner Feathers.

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