Valentine's Day Mobile with Tissue Paper Dyed Hearts - with water and tissue paper kids can create this beautiful mobile.

You will need: – White copy paper (3 sheets) – Scissors – Small cup with water – Small paintbrush – Tissue paper cut into squares (we used reds and pinks) – White or clear thread – Scotch tape

Cut 3 different sized hearts out of white paper.  Provide kids with the hearts, pink and  red tissue paper, a small brush and a cup of water.

Have your child place the tissue paper in random places on the heart and "paint" over the paper with water.

You will want to make sure your child is covering the entire square with water so the color can bleed onto the paper.

When all three hearts are covered with tissue paper, allow them to dry for a few hours.

When dry, peel off the ​tissue paper squares to reveal a colorful pattern on the hearts.

Attach a length of neutral thread to the back using scotch tape. Leave a few inches between each heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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